do you Know anything about svindelsagen in the Defense? So the TIP Ekstra erhvervsredaktion here.

the electricity bill in the 62-year-old man who is charged with bribery through his work in the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse, must have been just as spectacular as the property’s contents, if he regularly has fired up in all of its many expensive designerlamper.

New pictures of the house furniture from a sale ad from a real estate agent reveals no less than 14 exclusive lamps, designed by the famous dane Poul Henningsen.

In all, has Extra Leaf counted furniture and lamps distributed on the house 180 square meters, equivalent to 1.228.947 crowns, you had to buy things from new. See the full list of the contents in the bottom of the article.

the Article continues below the images.

Below is the furniture in the living room behind the gift.

The impressive collection of Danish design classics, the 62-year-old secured with a monthly salary of 36.719 crowns before tax, shows a public access at the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse.

For the agency, the 62-year-old with the hiring of artisans for maintenance of Defence buildings. It is unknown as to when the accused was employed, but it appears from the inspection that he has participated in courses under the auspices of the agency dating back to 2008.

the business news – 9. jan. 2020 – pm. 20:04 Extensive renovation and luksusdesign in svindelsigtets new house

Where the addressee has purchased many furniture and lamps, and whether things are bought from new, is unknown. The inventory of the inventory and prices of this is, therefore, only to give a sense of the value of the individual thing.

That is taken as a basis in the type of regular price from new, where it has been possible to identify the model. Has something been on offer, so based on the listed standard price.

the business news – 9. jan. 2020 – pm. 06:49 Svindelsigtet blow-off the house

to designate the different effects have Ekstra Bladet has been in touch with four experts independently of one another have identified furniture and lamps.

the Extra Leaf has previously revealed that the svindelsigtedes house since 2007, when he bought the property for 920.000 dollars, has undergone a major transformation with several outbuildings, like the house has been ‘refurbished’ according to the mæglerannoncen.

The 62-year-old is the sole owner of the house.

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Of Tinglysningen it appears that the accused, at the time of purchase of the house in 2007 took out a mortgage on 670.000 dollars and borrowed three years later, 420.000 euros.

Of ejendomsmæglerens salgsopstilling for the house, it appears that there is outstanding debt in the house for 411.814 crowns. It is, thus, succeeded the 62-year-old to reduce the debt of his house with 678.186 crowns, while at the same time there has been an intense construction activity in the house.

the Property has recently been put up for 1.695.000 crowns, and it is Monday of the broker’s website, there is signed a purchase agreement on the house. What the house is sold for, however, is unknown.

The 62-year-old is, according to his lawyer charged with bribery according to the penal code, section 144. He acted, among other things, elfirmaet Søndergaard El, and the company has admitted that the accused did build up a receivable from elfirmaet, by the company overfakturerede Defense.

For the receivable purchased it aimed, among other cuisines from the Kitchens in Holstebro for a total of 442.000 dollars from 30. October 20. december 2018, according to a statement by the former financial controller of the hotel in Søndergaard El led.

In a sale ad for the house, it appeared that the house had a ‘delicious Kitchen’.

Community – 12. dec. 2019 – at. 18:32 Here is the previous spionchefs tarnished past

the Extra Leaf has also in the past could tell that several effects in and on the house was similar to the thing, the accused bought for the Defence funds through elfirmaet. The new pictures of the house have pointed out on several coincidences.

In total there are six types of lamps, including five of the brand PH, in the defendants ‘ house, which apparently is similar to lamps purchased through elfirmaet.

It appears among the second order data from the elfirmaet that the accused, in 2013 and 2014, bought a total of three PH-Cones, and purchased in 2015 a total of four PH-lamps with the yellow screen, which is similar to the two lamps hanging in the kitchen.

financial information – 14. dec. 2019 – at. 22:37 Inventory: Defense deposited 1.6 million of elfirma

Of the inventory led by the former financial controller of the hotel in elfirmaet it appears further that the accused, in October 2018 bought three ‘PH 3/2 Table Amber’. In the same period, one could buy an anniversary edition of just model 3/2 with ravskærme.

About a month later he buys two Bestlite-wall lights.

At the pictures from the house are two PH-lamps in the jubilæumsudgaven with ravskærme, like a room hung two wall lamps from Bestlite.

The defendants ‘ lawyer has indicated that the 62-year-old does not want to put up for interview.