There was top rankings on the game, as Leicester took against Arsenal in the Premier League. With a win would Leicester be able to take over second place, while Arsenal certainly should avoid to lose weight in order not to get more than six points after the other teams in the top four.

James Maddisons cemented the victory with his impressive goal to 2-0, which did not leave many chances to the guests. The englishman took aim just outside the box, where the ball was crashing between the legs of Héctor Bellerín, who could see the ball fly into the bottom left hand corner,

It was already uphill for Arsenal, who shortly before had seen Jamie Vardy end a acted attack and bring the home team to 1-0. The English topangriber has now scored in four Premier League matches in a row and brings, therefore, not surprising in the lead in the friendly game against france with a total of 11 goals.

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Photo: Andrew Yates/Ritzau Scanpix

It is most often målrigt, when Arsenal and Leicester meet. Prior to today’s match was that scored 18 goals in their last four showdown. Therefore, the audience could at the King Power Stadium with the right to feel cheated of a goal in the first half, where none of the teams managed to get the ball in the net.

It was small with chances to guests in the first half. Alexandre Lacazette got sent a powerful end off close to the goal, but it passed Kasper Schmeichels goal. More had Arsenal not to come with in the first half.

While it was quiet from Kasper Schmeichel, so had Arsenal’s keeper Bernd Leno a lot more to look for. Leicester formstærke offensive was repeatedly made aware of themselves and the Premier League’s top scorer Jamie Vardy was missing just to get a foot on, before the home team could have gone to the break with a lead.

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Jamie Vardy could not translate Leicester’s biggest chance in the first half to the goal, when he got the hit on the ball. Photo: Oli Scarff/Ritzau Scanpix

There was speed over the field in the second half, when Wilfried Ndidi was very close to bringing the home team in front, after having sent a blast at the bar ten feet from the goal. The closest Arsenal came in the goal was a goal by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, which was annulled for offside.

With the victory crawl Leicester now up in second place, while Arsenal must face the eight points, that is up to Manchester City, as the fastest way to the top four.

Shortly before the match had Chelsea with a 2-0 victory against Crystal Palace taken over second place from Manchester City, but who is convicted stoledans in the top of the Premier League as Leicester will have to hand over the distinguished space again, where the defending champions take the points against Liverpool on Sunday.

In London, Tottenham 1-1 against Sheffield United. There was no time to Christian Eriksen, who saw the whole confrontation from the bench.

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