Manchester City have the cruise against all the trophies there is to win in England, since the feisty katalaner took over the wheel in 2016. The same can not say about the vehicles he has set himself behind.

Whether it is the southern temperament, which fits poorly into the English motorways, or whether it is too difficult to run the mirror, we may not make us wise in. But mestertræneren has in any case made the streets unsafe in the nordengelske, where he on the three years in the traffic has managed to smash four cars for a total value of 3.8 million dollars. It writes the German Bild.

And he have been through a wide range of models. First smoke a black Mercedes GLE to a value of well over 660.000 euros. After it was totalled, changed the Barcelona legend to a Range Rover, a value of 1.25 million.

It did not last long. Guardiola has so evidently thought that it would help it if he instead purchased a Bentley GTX700 to a not entirely modest sum of 1.65 million. It did not either.

Sidespejlsmorderen. Pep Guardiola is a man with a temper. In traffic it is not going so well, and the spaniard has four cars on his conscience just in England. If bilproblemer can infuriate him just as much as an erroneous warrant, so it’s not nice to be near. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

We can speculate about the fourth car was chosen by economic considerations, after all confidence for the warm-blooded managers handling was evaporated. In any case, he was eventually eaten by a Mini Cooper, which also, of course, long since smoked for scrap.

the Information comes from a new book about the main character by the name of ‘Pep’s City: The Making of a super team’, authored by Lu Martin and Pole Ballus.

And that coach Guardiola may not have just the man to lend his wagon to, has not gone to others ‘ nose completely over, they write.

– He has a reputation for being a bad billist, says among other things in the book, which also comes in on some examples of the assertion.

So should Guardiola have managed to refuel his Ranger Rover Diesel up with petrol, and the silver grey from the aforementioned Bentley was smashed beyond recognition. Door mirrors are usually the first victim, it appears also. They are not allowed to live long.

The mirror traffic may not, however, be the whole excuse. During the coach’s stint as coach of Bayern Munich went it a little bit better, but also there could be a southern German road users do not know themselves completely secure.

Thus collided with his then-sponsor-Audi at the start of 2015 with a Volkswagen Polo, as Guardiola did not manage to brake in time. Luckily neither he or the driver of the Poloen to injury.

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