Roxette stopped to tour in 2016. It was too late.

Marie Fredriksson, who passed away Monday, ought to be retired much earlier.

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Sangerindens before the powerful voice was completely crackled, as Roxette gave its last concert on Danish ground a bitterly cold forårsaften in 2015 under the Jelling music Festival.

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the Audience in front of the main stage so open-mouthed, while the weak and fragile swede was brought into the limelight of a roadie.

Marie Fredriksson carried out the concert seated. Her blank stare was almost frightening. She was like a zombie in a poptivoli, where the carousel should have stood still. It was undignified, uncomfortable and decidedly tragic.

Obviously included of his illness, sat the star nailed to his chair, and missed lines of text. A korsangerinde was ready to pick up the pieces, while guitarist Per Gessle jumped merrily around and twitched jauntily with bentøjet.

It was a daft sight, and a shocking example of the warped sense of reality in the show business.

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A year later, it was over. Marie Fredrikssons doctors put a stop to the madness. It was not her manager, family or Per Gessle.

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Roxette was Scandinavia’s second largest band ever. Only ABBA sold more records.

most will probably remember the duo for ’The Look’, ’Joyride’ or ’It Must Have Been Love’. So you Roxette in Jelling, however, it is the sight of Marie Fredriksson, one will never forget.

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Marie Fredriksson was, according to P3’s musikredaktør Mathias Buch an atypical pop star. Get the explanation here.