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In the month of september in the year of Henry Schmidt on a trip to Rome. He had booked a room through the reservationssiden at the central hotel Relais Vatican Suites.

When he arrived at the hotel, he found out that there were bedbugs everywhere. How he describes it himself.

He contacted with the same where he had booked the hotel room. Here, the service was good. He was booked into a different hotel with the same and got a gift of 300 crowns for the inconvenience.

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As Henrik Schmidt comes home from his vacation in Rome, he finds out that the hotel is still apparent on

He contacts therefore customer service at because he will have them to remove it or at least warn about the risk of bedbugs, but they inform him that they are not responsible for what an owner puts out on the

Inside of you can see that the Relais Vatican Suites has had problems with bedbugs since september 2018. In other words, a year before Henrik Schmidt arrive at the hotel.

Community – 25. aug. 2019 – at. 13:47 Warning: See the worst case of bedbugs in the U.S.

the Extra Leaf has then contacted to hear, if they do not have a responsibility, to the hotels with which they work, live up to a certain standard. Bedbugs can especially have serious consequences if the travellers get them home in the suitcase. They are very hard to combat.

we have lamented over for Henrik Schmidt for their first response, which they describe as ‘flawed’. They will now take steps to resolve the problem with the bedbugs in the hotel, writing in an e-mail.

– We are very sorry that the customer had a bad experience, and we are reimbursed fully for his stay and gave him a gift card. We have followed up the matter with our hotelpartner, and we would also like to encourage our customers to read the customer reviews and ratings, before booking a hotel room, writes a spokesperson for the in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

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On the there is only one review of the hotel from a guest who has experienced bedbugs, which it matches by calling the guest a liar. The rest of the reviews are good. On that also offer reservations to the hotel is also only good reviews of the hotel. In turn, there are several guests who have used rejseforummet Tripadvisor to share their experiences with bedbugs at the hotel.

if you Experience bedbugs in a accommodation, you should complain immediately and get a receipt for the complaint. Evidence of pests is also an advantage.

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Be aware of bedbugs on holiday

Look a guest room, apartment or house for when you arrive. Look especially in and around the bed, where they often play, and in which the clearest traces are. Look for blood stains, dark spots, or small black shells.

– Style trunks and bags away from the bed and sleeps. Let any clothes being in the suitcase.

– don’t Let the computer be turned on. Bedbugs love warm and looking like the refuge of a warm pc.

do you suspect bedbugs after finishing the holiday, you can do the following, so væggelusene not come within:

– Let all your things be standing outside, right when you get home.

Unpack all of your clothes in plastic bags or sacks and put them in the freezer at least -18 degrees in 48 hours. It beats any bedbugs to death. They can not survive hard frosts or excessive heat.

– Look in your trunk and bag thoroughly before you take it inside. Remember all the cracks and small pockets.