There has been a violent fire in a farm between Arlington and Ore on the island of Fyn on the night of Saturday.

the Farm, which is located at the address Grydhøj 12, has previously been in the police interest, as rockergruppen Gremium MC has kept to that.

the Police have thus had contact to several people at the address since 2017, where the originally German rockergruppe moved in.

– the Fire is turned off. We must have a brandinspektør out and examine the home once in the next week, says vagtchefen by The Police on Saturday morning.

Detective Rockerpræsident shown: Treading Brothas member in the head

In 2017, made the police aware that residents in the area would see a greater presence from law enforcement agencies in connection with the occupancy of their new motorcycle-running neighbours.

– I can confirm that we have been out at the above mentioned address several times, and that we have taken some people with affiliations to the group Gremium.

– If the groups settle down in a place, then we as police are always interested in showing our presence, said the head of the investigation of organised crime, Jens Langdal, then to New york.

Rockergruppen was founded in Mannheim, Germany, in 1972, where it since has grown to become the largest rockerklub in Germany.

German police consider the Gremium to be in the same league as the Hells Angels and the Bandidos. Were full members have more than 140 branches worldwide.