There was a scream and yell from the many guests who were waiting to get a ride in the Spiral Jet as a mechanical arm suddenly snapped in the high speed and sent the two young people on the ground.

the Accident occurred in an amusement park in Antipolo City in the Philippines 29. december, and now a video of the grisly moment been published.

It writes multiple media, including the New York Post.

On the video you can see how the metal arm breaks off, and the gondola with a boy and a girl falling towards the ground, while the two young people still sitting locked in their seats in the gondola.

An anonymous guest, who was waiting to get his turn in the ride, so it’s all close.

There was nothing that indicated a problem with the ride. Suddenly fell to the gondola just of. The two persons were injured, and the ride was closed, he says.

Spiral Jet is one of the main attractions in the amusement park in Antipolo City. The spins around at high speed while people are being lifted up and down by a metalarm by means of hydraulics.

the Boy and the girl in the gondola was conscious after the accident, but both were rushed to the hospital to get treatment.

The responsible person in the theme park have said that they will help the young people with the hospitalregninger and any other medical expenses.

It is not yet clear why the ride broke. The investigation is going on.

It is far from the first time that a ride has suddenly gone to pieces, and several episodes in foreign countries has had serious consequences:

It also went very wrong in the ‘Cliffhanger’ in Thailand, where five people were ejected, while they were in the air. Luckily no one seriously hurt. Video: Viral Press

One person was killed and seven injured, when the ‘Four Ball’- the ride fell together in Ohio. The investigations have since shown that it was heavy rust on the inside of one of stålbjælkerne who caused the accident. Video: Private

During the accident in an indian amusement park was two persons killed and 27 wounded. Video: Private