Last year announced the ‘dancing with the stars’-the landlady, Sarah Grünewald, that she would divorce after five years of marriage with dj Rasmus Backhaus, as she has a son Luis with.

But now she has found love again.

she reveals on her Instagram profile.

Status: In a relationship’, she writes on Instagram, where she also shared a picture where she apparently keeps in hand with a man.

the Extra Leaf has been in contact with Sarah Grünewald, who confirms that she has found love again. She informs that she does not have additional comments.

She therefore wants not to tell who she has fallen in love, or where they have met each other.

Sarah Grünewald is the host of ‘dancing with the stars’ together with Christiane Schaumburg-Müller. Photo: Jonas Olufson

It was back in February 2019, to Sarah Grünewald and Rasmus Backhaus told that they would divorce. It happened in a joint statement on Instagram:

‘Ras and I have taken the world’s hardest but most important decision – to go from each other. The decision is a big sadness and an indescribable pain for which we have long given place, and as we in silence has embraced and shared with each other’, writes the 35-year-old Grünewald, who is best known as the host of ‘dancing with the stars’.

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‘We go exclusively from each other as spouses, but will forever be together as a family. We are the best friends and the best parents Luis and our life is thankfully filled with a tremendous love and spaciousness to and for each other.’

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Since they have remained good friends and have been travelling up to several times.

the Pair came together in 2013 and were married the year after.

Sarah Grünewald, who began his career as a model, has been the host of ‘dancing with the stars’ since 2013. In 2015, announced her pregnancy too open and gave birth to a son in march of the following year.

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