Isabel dos Santos, daughter of Angolan former president José Eduardo dos Santos has been charged with fraud.

It illuminates the country’s rigsadvokat according to AFP news agency.

Isabel dos Santos has been known as Africa’s richest woman and has gained recognition for her performance as the erhvervskvinde, but recently revealed a large leak, it is far from hard work and talent that has led to the great fortune.

Leaked was called ‘Luanda Leaks’ and is published in major media such as the british BBC and The Guardian, american The New York Times and the German Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

According to the information bought Isabel dos Santos in 2006 a stake in the Portuguese oil company Galp. She bought the proportion of Angolan state oil company, Sonangol.

Dos Santos was allowed to simply pay 15 percent of the price and borrow the rest of the money by Sonangol to a low rate of interest. It was about 63 million euros.

today is her share in Galp to more than 750 million euros worth.

in Addition, dos Santos secured a favourable agreement with the state diamantselskab Sodiam, writes the BBC.

She must among other things have saved the money in a variety of shell companies.

‘An army of western finansselskaber, lawyers, accountants and regeringsansatte helped to save the funds from the tax authorities’, writes the ICIJ.

Isabel dos Santos is suspected of having given undue advantage by virtue of its status as præsidentdatter in Angola. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

Isabel dos Santos was in 2016 appointed as head of Sonangol, according to the president, dos Santos’ father, had fired the entire board of directors.

She lost the post, when the father left the presidency in 2017.

the Angolan authorities have previously accused Isabel dos Santos to have managed payments for a value of up to a billion dollars – over 6.7 billion dollars from Sonangol and Sodiam for herself and her husband, Sindika Dokolo.

At the end of december Isabel dos Santos’ funds frozen in Angola.

Isabel dos Santos denies, through his lawyers all the accusations and claims she is the victim of a ‘witch-hunt’.

‘It is obvious that our client has been the subject of a well-coordinated attack on both her reputation and business, an attack that originates from the angolan authorities’, is, according to The Guardian, to the BBC.