While the Swedish EM-organizers hanging with the beak of the risk of empty chairs during the mellemrunde the matches in Malmö Arena, so is the mood of it all for the former Danish EM-exit high in the Swedish spillertrup.

Stjernespilleren Kim Ekdahl du Rietz, who daily greases the hands with the resin in the Paris SG, is extremely pleased that it is of Iceland and not Denmark, who waits in the last mellemrundekamp.

– It is though, that we should not be meeting Denmark, he says to the Swedish newspaper Expressen.

He calls it the sin of the Danish players, who already have gone home, from what everyone thought was going to be a new red-and-white conquest of Skåne.

– The Swedish chances for the semifinals is clearly increased, and the european championship is really open now, he says, address that also France have gone home in shame.

The Danish national team has gone home after the debacle in Sweden. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Landsholdskollegaen Jerry Tollbring who plays for Rhein-Neckar Löwen supplement:

– You know what players Denmark has. They play in big clubs, and they have Mikkel Hansen, who is one of the world’s best. Now he is not in the mellemrunden, and it is not negative for us.

With Denmark out of the tournament, Sweden has taken over the late playing time in the first mellemrundekamp Friday evening. Here waiting for Portugal.

Jerry Tollbring throws penalties for Sweden. Photo: Adam Ihse/Ritzau Scanpix

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