At the beginning of January appeared Lasse Søkilde and Adrian Valentin up on the tv screen in the ‘Lion’s den’, where they tried to get the lions to invest in iced coffee-energidrikken Ball.

None of the five lions bed dog in, but it takes the two not too heavy anymore. The sale is stuck completely for the program, and in the course of 72 hours, the entire stock was sold out.

It writes the Roskilde Newspaper.

the Lions thanked no, but subsequently, the danes have seriously taken the product for themselves. Photo: Per Arnesen/DR

to Ekstra Bladet am Adrian Valentin over the great success, and though they quickly got emptied the inventories, interest is not stopped there.

– We have opened for pre-orders on the website, and we sell the whole game, even though people first get it in four weeks. Just on the website, we translate for 5000-6000 dollars a day right now, and we can certainly not deliver a product before march, he says.

– It’s super ambivalent. It is both insanely stressful, but it’s also cool that people want our product. People have taken the whole game well against us, and we will kimet down by people who say that the product is for fat.

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the Lions thanked no, but subsequently, the danes have seriously taken the product for themselves. Photo: Per Arnesen/DR

Lasse Søkilde and Adrian Valentin is responsible for the sales through their webshop, but they have also listened to the council from the lions that they should have more forces in order to compete against the other. Therefore, they have filed a distribution agreement with Hansen & Co.

– They help us to distribute the product to the dealers. They have a lot of other products and a sales force, which helps us to get out. They also say that they are kimet down of the different dealers, which will have our product and we will have to say no right now, so we can make sure that there are products to dealers, we have agreements with now.

the Duo expects to have more cans in stock in week 12, but they have guaranteed delivery to the customers in week 13. But Lasse Søkilde and Adrian Valentin is in doubt as to whether they have ordered enough home.

– We have commissioned the 80,000 cans, but as it goes now, so we should probably consider ordering 100,000 or than 160,000 cans to follow. So it is something we are discussing right now, says Adrian Valentin and continues:

– We order actually coffee home to 160,000 cans and 200,000 cans home, so we are not going to be in the same situation, where it’s not in stock.

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In the first place, it was not so much fun, that none of the five lions wanted to invest in the product.

– currently, it was of course a mavepuster, but now it has just turned on us even more to prove that we can, and we feel almost stronger. We really feel that the program has given us the blood on the tooth to show that they are wrong, he says and explains that they have received offers from other investors, says Adrian Valentin.

– We have been contacted by 27 investors, who can’t understand the lions. They see opportunities, and we’ve got a lot of investors, who we cooperate with and some of them may also have to invest.

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In the first place, it is about the Danish market, but Adrian Valentin says, that there already has been interest from Sweden and Norway.

– So our next cans will actually be produced in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, and we are working on quietly to take Scandinavia, and possibly Germany at the same time. But the big dream is to come to Asia at some point. It is a crazy market that we are very fascinated by, he strikes fast.

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