In the spring of 2019 was folkeskolelæreren Anna Hermansen among those starring in the TV2 success ‘Home to the farm’.

The 32-year-old copenhagener fought themselves completely to the semi-final, but eventually had to disappointed, to acknowledge that she was out of the program after the crucial conflict.

Under the programme had Anna, a girlfriend and a bonusdatter, but now she reveals to Ekstra Bladet, that the relationship is ruptured.

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– I have just gone from my gf, and it is a big change for me. It is what occupies most in my life right now, naturally. It may well be that it has been the participation in the programme, there has been a boost in some things, because I was away so long. But if nothing else it has shown me that I can be away from him for so long, tells Anna and elaborates:

– I’m okay with the situation, as it is something that has been long in the making. It does not come as a surprise, not for him. We want each of our stuff and each have our dreams, that sticks in different directions, and it is just so.

Anna was to Reality Awards together several of the other ‘Home to the farm’-participants’ Photo: Jonas Olufson.

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even Though Anna does not run with the victory and the half a million, participation in the ‘Home to the farm’ has been a great experience for her, and she is in no doubt that it has had an impact on her future dreams.

– It has been really cool to be with in the program. It has given many memories, and it has set many thoughts about what I want to achieve in life. I will not just run around in hamsterhjulet, and I have learned that one should not be afraid to jump out of everyday life and do something else, she explains and elaborates:

– It is easy to get leave and get back to the familiar and comfortable – but with new experiences. So I have thought that I would like to take on the high school, travel across the atlantic or anything. I would like to once in a while do something that shakes the bag.

Anna is not averse to return to the screen.

– I could well find to be in more tv, if it was something in the style of ‘Home to the farm’. It was great to meet new people and push themselves, she says.

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