Critics are in the queue, after the chairman of the New Civil, Pernille Vermund, on Tuesday night in a DR documentary called a passing person in a limousine for perker, and she keeps herself for the mouth.

Among røsterne is Christina Egelund, who does not sit in Parliament, but the vice president and political chairman of the party Forward.

– The way she speak, hear no places at home and not in the mouth of a leader of a political party, participating in the public debate.

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– I would actually encourage Pernille Vermund to take it take it back and say sorry. For there is no shame in admitting that you have said something that is wrong, and I think that she should be doing, says Christina Egelund for the Extra Magazine.

Christina Egelunds words bounces, however, of Pernille Vermund.

So, who should I say sorry to. I think Christina Egelund must be vice-president on the way, she will be it, and I am president on the way, I will be it. It is surely a place for space in a democracy, she says.

the Extra Leaf has had a longer interview with Vermund about her use of the word ‘perker’. You can read further down in the article.

Also Natasha Al-Hariri, who is the director for the Danish Refugee council Youth, is ready with criticism of Pernille Vermunds use of the word.

– It’s generally never okay to say racist and derogatory. Not even when people are driving by in a limousine, explains Natasha Al-Hariri.

the Danish Language council: This means the word ‘perker’

According to Jørgen Schack from the Danish Language council is the word perker is not to free interpretation. He strikes a nail in, how you generally perceive the word.

– You perceive it as a derogatory word, it is in there also, if you look it up in The Danish Dictionary. So it may well be used in a loving context, but it can be any words almost.

– the Word perker is born of derogatory and, in general, if you’re talking about perkere instead of immigrants, so most will perceive it as something derogatory, not adequate, not neutral. It can turn fast, he says.

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– An elected party leader should under no circumstances use the word because as an elected, have a special responsibility to be a role model for the citizens in Denmark. You must show which way we should go, and be the good example of how we should treat each other, and it is He just doesn’t.

– You need to think about what it is for an example, you put, when you call the other for perker, bitch or spasser. All sorts of things, as we are finished with that call each other. She is a formed and educated woman and should simply have other words, says the director for the Danish Refugee council Youth.

How to match Pernille Vermund

– Hello, I’m calling in connection with the here documentary ’Vermund, and the fight for the right’.

– Yes.

– Where you are going with a slightly unfortunate statement, where you call a running pass, a perker. You do not understand the context, but you call for perker, and one of the other dishes at you and say foreigner.

– How are you with that it is been shown?

– It, I’m fine enough with, I am not so politically correct, it has most probably learned.

– Why do you use the word perker which is known as a derogatory word?

– I don’t know, so I could also say pearl. It is such a. I use it only really when it is such a. So right there it was such a typical big, white limousine with typical immigrants. Yes, well, different culture, celebrating things their way, and I’m thinking, what could I say else?

– Yes, maybe a foreigner, as one of your colleagues said?

– I do not know whether the person is a foreigner, he might very well be Danish. Thus ‘perker’, they call themselves the also although, it seems I really do not … Yes, I know not. I don’t think I have the big problem with that.

– So you don’t regret it at all? I interpret maybe a little here, but it looks like you’re trying to swallow your words later.

– No, I think more, I have a pressemand, who stands at the side of me – there just seems that it is not said.

– So it was the most, because he was there?

-Well yes, I am not a … I say things as they are, and there are some of us who occasionally turns itself on.

– Sikandar from the Alternative is come up with a small angry outbursts, one might call it, on top of the event. He says that the case with Thiesen, who have just been convicted for defamation, on top of your opinion there, signaling that the New Civil and firm is a fat, and that I ought to beat you together. What you have to say to that?

– Well, usually, I do not think, He is so delicate. I don’t know what I should say to. Try to listen to this, the Danish language is filled with words that we use in our everyday lives, and that we should go around and take care with what you say, it, I think, is something nonsense. Now, let’s call things what they are. You are a nigger, you nigger, if you are immigrant then you are the immigrant, if you are perker, then you are perker.

– For me it’s a term I use about a particular segment or a special type of people with a background and a culture that… Yes, it would be much to explain other than it. So seriously, really, that perk … No, well, I think really it is just an attempt to really a little saved and a little correctly.

– But as I said before, it’s a word like negro or nigger, which is used pejoratively for people. How interpret you own the word? You do not think it is derogatory or what?

– No, I do not really, well, I know there are several that I know of, who have middle eastern background and calls itself perker, where I say not, you are not perker – perker it is something else. But it is, of course, because there are different sensations of what a perker is, but perker, is something, many with a middle eastern background call themselves. Which is probably a little in fun. Therefore I will not. I think you need not to go and be so offended by, that we go and use the Danish words, or language differently.

– Now you say, he interprets it differently. What is the perker for you?

– Well just that, it was something like that with very bling bling, as I remember it. Well, I don’t even know if it was a wedding, or what it was. But it was very typical of middle eastern appearance. I think, as I remember it, it was a wedding, but you don’t hang me up on it. But it tends to be that a little extra bling bling, which is full of garbage, and it was also a limousine, as just something else, than the way we celebrate a wedding on.

– So is it a word, you still want to use in the future?

– Yes well, I am not doing on myself for the sake of neither Sikandar nor any other. I say nigger, when I say negro, and I said perker, when I say perker. I have it fine.