Kronen Zeitung, the biggest newspaper in Austria, has a hen to pluck with one of the suitors for RB Salzburg teenagesensation, Erling Haaland.

RB Leipzig, as the austrian Bundesligas probably the biggest star thus met with in midweek, have been some sludrechatoller, believe the austrians.

For it is no longer any big secret that the Norwegian bomber Erling Haaland is in dialogue with other clubs. Last week it was widely reported that the talk with, among others, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and Manchester United were in the 19-year-olds table.

Leipzig signs, however, marked out from the other destinations, since unlike the others chose to break with their usual practice, and openly tell the press about the progress.

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Åbenmundetheden have, however, the Crown Zeitung up in the red field.

– To leipzigerne stand up and talk openly about it, testify of lack of respect, they write in an editorial, criticising the inadequacy of the German ‘dåseklub’ for ‘the behaviour of the lowest tray’.

Protesters Julian Nagelsmann in the middle has talked himself to a sandwich from the judge in a Bundesliga match against Schalke in september. Now is handing over the Crown Zeitung him a yellow card for not being able to keep my mouth closed on Haaland negotiations. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

It was more of Leipzig’s notables, who tried to put a little extra heaviness in their line by sharing fodboldpressen. Coach Julian Nagelsmann was out to declare that the meeting ‘had gone well’ and told, among other things, that he had ‘strained themselves in good English to explain what his idea of football is.’

He was complemented by klubboss Oliver Mintzslaff.

– We must not hide behind the other longer, with regard to attractiveness, not behind Dortmund, he said at a news conference.

According to the newspaper, from the country, Haaland seems to be about to leave, topped it, however, in earnest, since Nagelsmann revealed that he also lifted the veil on how the communication had taken place.

– Very one-sided. You as a coach says a lot, the player and agent belongs after, explained Nagelsmann.

Kronen Zeitung has as a result a clear message to the saxons – poking his check.

– May be one should have the the council gentlemen in Leipzig to simply not say anything. Such as they have in Dortmund makes it. Or as Salzburg boss. ‘In addition, there is no comment from me’, he held back. Sporting is the in Leipzig in the top – in terms of a number of other things, they have some catching up to do, exit the Kronen Zeitung its input.

Speculation about an upcoming change for Haaland is taken, after it was reported that a clause in the contract put a low lid over the sale price of the Håland, if Salzburg don’t get him sold in the next vintertransfervindue.

According to Bilds information back in november was its ceiling for a sale from summer on the ca. 30 million euros, corresponding to approx. 224 million Danish crowns. Significantly lower, than most probably imagined. Including Haaland himself, who in an interview with Sky Sports in the autumn of answered the journalist that he would give him a ‘special price’. 60 million euros.

A possible trade with Leipzig would do Haaland to the 18. the player who has switched from the austrian to the German ‘dåseklub’ in the course of just eight seasons.

The 19-year-old Norwegian has during the autumn season taken Europe by storm. 16 goals in 14 austrian league matches and seven goals in the Champions League group stage also sounds nice. A switch in the January window, which in many ways looks more and more likely, it will from next year the opposite the past do not mean for the future employer to Haaland can’t make up in the european football for them. UEFA’s rules allow namely, from January 2019 a player to participate in the european matches for more than one club per. season.

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