Extra Magazine’s predictions

V64-1: 5 (4-2)
V64-2: 7-2-1-4-10-11
V64-3: 6-4-1-9-8-2
V64-4: 1-9-3-2-12
V64-5: 3 (8-4)
V64-6: 3 (1-11)
180 crowns

Today’s ensure: Global Unlimited (5 in V64-1) disappointed, admittedly, last, but during designed not just to its advantage. I see it as a bad day at the office, and think the horse is back in full vigor.

Today’s scam: Axel Ruda
(1 in V64-3) is coming with two wins in a row, and the horse seems to hold fine form. He also shows fine form and is running with great confidence, so everything should be o.k.

Tips: Mogens Jensen

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