– It is game it here. It is, of course, a Left-president, who does not bother more pis.

so says Henrik Qvortrup about the Liberal party’s announcement that Kristian Jensen has been deprived of all the rapporteurships and udvalgsposter.

– It raises the question of whether it is connect with Kristian Jensen of the Left? I think this is such a dramatic smacking, that I will not be surprised if Kristian Jensen chooses to seek other pastures.

– I find it hard to see, that he should be in the Left, after he was stripped of his formandsdrømme and is now being ripped for all of the new president, says Qvortrup and adds that there has long been the cupids in the air between Jensen and the Radical Left.

the Danish policy – 11. jan. 2020 – pm. 22:16 Ellemann beating Jensen at the space

On the afklapsningen by Kristian Jensen is a outright attempt to get rid of him, dry, Henrik Qvortrup did not say, but one thing is certain:

– in any case It is an attempt to castrate him, and it is a welcome opportunity for the Ellemann to step into character as one that determines the.

According to the political commentator Jakob Ellemann-Jensen responded to an interview in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and now there is the burn down of the previous Left-vice-president.

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– It is not the content, but he goes solo. So says Ellemann, that he must put things in place and say ’it is me, who is a father here’, says Henrik Qvortrup.

Earlier in the week went Inger Støjberg against Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, as she wrote on Facebook that she supported the US attack on the iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

According to Henrik Qvortrup, it could for many of them, they give rise to the question of why there is not also fell the burn down for her.

– It is due to the Elleman dare play hard to Kristian Jensen, but hardly dare to do it to Støjberg, he says.