Russia’s government is pulling back with the official justification that the government have not completed the tasks it was asked. However, there may be a more long term plan with the resignation – for Vladimir Putin.

the President’s term of office expires in four years ‘ time in 2024, however, Putin can now be started with to ensure the most possible power and influence, when choosing a new president in four years.

He first move is thus to ensure the government’s resignation and in the first place propose, that the head of Russia’s tax authorities, Mikhail Misjustin, takes over premierministerposten from Dmitry Medvedev. A post, which, Putin – if all goes as it should – even may come to possess about four years.

– There is the possibility that the resignation is part of a larger package that opens up, that Vladimir Putin may become prime minister in 2024, says Ruslandsekspert and senior researcher at DIIS Flemming Splidsboel Hansen Extra Magazine.

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Vladimir Putin sat at the latest as prime minister after her two previous præsidentperioder from 2000 to 2004 and 2004 to 2008. As a starting point means today’s news that Putin is losing power in the short term, but it is a reason for that.

– It is likely to mean that a part of the power being shifted to parliament’s two chambers: the federation council and the state Duma, but it is not going to mean so much. There is not a huge change, ” says Flemming Splidsboel Hansen.

There is also a possibility that Putin will choose to pull the plug after 2024, and that he with the government’s withdrawal is to ensure his political legacy, but it is less likely, according to Flemming Splidsboel-Hansen. He was surprised by today’s news.

– You knew that there was something on the road after his news conference 19. december, but I didn’t know it would come so soon, says Ruslandseksperten.

According to Flemming Splidsboel Hansen comes today’s decision not to have tremendous importance for the West.

the BLUE BOOK: Vladimir Putin

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has on Wednesday proposed changes in the Russian constitution, so that some of the power is shifted from the presidency.

Putin may – as things stand now – not even stand in the next presidential election.

Name: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Age: 67 years. Born 7. October 1952.

place of Birth: Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), Russia.

Son of: factory worker Vladimir Putin and Maria Putin.

Nationality: Russian.

Education: Law at Leningrad University, 1975.

Marital status: Divorced. Married to Ludmila Shkrebneva Putin from 1983 to 2014.

Hobbies: Judo. Has a black belt.


* 1975: the Employee of the soviet intelligence service the KGB. Here, he is given the responsibility of monitoring foreigners in Leningrad.

* 1997: Deputy director of the Kremlin under president Boris Yeltsin.

* 1998: Head of the Russian intelligence service FSB.

* August 1999: Yeltsin appoints Putin to Russia’s prime minister.

* December 1999: Yeltsin to resign amid a political scandal, and Putin becomes acting president of Russia. Putin gives Yeltsin a political immunity against prosecution.

* March 2000: Elected president of Russia.

* March 2004: re-elected after having been campaigning as an independent candidate.

* March 2008: Putin appointed as prime minister of the country’s new president, Dmitry Medvedev.

* March 2012: Putin elected for third time for president.

* March 2018: Putin elected for the fourth time to the president.

Sources: CNN, Reuters.


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Former consul-general Jens Worning Sørensen also believes that today’s decision is a fuse of power in the long term for the incumbent Russian president.

– Now there’s a playbook for how the political stability and Putin’s power can last after 2024, when he no longer can stand for president.

Putin is creating an opportunity for himself by having a say in who becomes the next president, and who should decide who should be the next president, ” says Jens Worning Sørensen, according to Ritzau.