Handball – 9. dec. 2019 – at. 11:27 Whew! Super Sandra saves again Denmark

Denmark was the WORLD cup rehabilitation with a win over the Netherlands, and we especially thank one player for.

Sandra Toft delivered yet another amazing performance in the goal and gets top marks, while there are also great roses to Lark Nolsøe and Trine Østergaard.

To the contrast, there was longer between the good actions of Freja Cohrt, Stine Jørgensen, Lotte Grigel and Mie Højlund, who all have to make do with the next lowest character.

You can see all of the characters below.

Characters: Denmark – the Netherlands

Brilliantly 6 Sandra Toft Goalie / Denmark

Stood far inside in the first half with a save percentage of 60. Amazingly as she can be to hold level.


Outside of the rating UB Althea Reinhardt Goalie / Denmark

Come not on the pitch.


Outside of the rating UB Stine Bodholt Stregspiller / Denmark

Only a short time on the pitch.


worth the Money 3 Kathrine Heindahl Stregspiller / Denmark

Got a good start with a secure scoring, but had difficulty grasping the balls. Drew also stupid deportation.


worth the Money 3 Sarah Iversen Stregspiller / Denmark

She seemed overtændt. Grappling as always in defense, but it gets to be unclean at times, and it costs expulsions.


the Super 5 Lark Nolsøe Winger / Denmark

Worked energetically on the defensive and scored on the opportunities she got. Safe bet of the wing from Nykøbing.


the Super 5 Trine Østergaard Winger / Denmark

A single technical error and a few burned chances draws a bit down on an otherwise-approved the performance by the right


Just passed 2 Freja Cohrt Winger / Denmark

Had a approved the first half, but began the second with to burn two 100% chances. Offered up is not enough.


4 Billion Rej Bagspiller / Denmark

What a slutrundedebut. Got a gash, scored a great goal, burned, made technical errors and got a deportation. Welcome aboard.


Just passed 2 Stine Jørgensen Bagspiller / Denmark

Was back in the role as a safe straffekastskytte, but the shoots from the distance, she still had not great luck with.


Good 4 Anne Mette Hansen Bagspiller / Denmark

It ran for a long time not for the woman, that should be our biggest star. Forkrampet start, but then took hell by her after the break.


Good 4 Line Haugsted Bagspiller / Denmark

Still at the core of the defense, but had his problems with the Netherlands moving playmaker Estavana Polman.


worth the Money 3 Kristina Jørgensen Bagspiller / Denmark

Was challenged in the defense of the fast dutchmen, who would like to play putbolde to the line. Scored a nice goal on the hopskud.


Just passed 2 Mie Højlund Bagspiller / Denmark

Was challenged in defense to the Dutch marksman, but struggled mightily. Was about to be animals attacked with several errors.


Just passed 2 Lotte Grigel Bagspiller / Denmark

She was playing too much sideways in the opening. Burned several opportunities and had too many boldtab.


Good 4 Louise Burgaard Bagspiller / Denmark

With its pågåenhed she pulled out several penalties. Also came on the board, but had also, unfortunately, several technical errors. It pulls down.


Good 4 Klavs Bruun Jørgensen Trainer / Denmark

Got used many players in an attempt to find a rhythm. Was a little long to respond, when the Dutch came close after the break.


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