– It goes completely and utterly against religion, diskriminationsloven and the uncrc.

– It is never going to happen, so forget it.

– And, if it so enters into force anyway, so there is no one who will take their scarf – because what will you do?

– Force it or throw students out of the school?

– Penalize the staff or impose fines?

How to write Alaa A in one of the 373 comments that are written on Sverigedemokraterna in the Skurups facebook profile, whether it tørklædeforbud for students and employee in the municipal schools and kindergartens, which was adopted on byrådsmødet on Monday night.

– Sverigedemokraterna got support from Moderaterna and lokallisten Skurup party against the other red-green-liberal parties in the final vote.

– We won 22-19 and there was spotane applause.

– the Message is about far more than tøjvalg, it is about equality and which values we will have in the municipality and the municipality’s schools, writes the party, but Alaa A is far from the only one, who believe that the decision can be carried out in reality:

– I was opposed to my daughter having to start to wear the hijab.

– But after this I will ask her to take the hijab on.

– We’ll see what you can do about it, write Sagal (A thus, in a comment, and Yasin In the believe that it is the attempt to criminalise muslims:

– here the prohibition is contrary to the uncrc, which becomes Swedish law 1. January.

– Your attempt to criminalise muslims have come iikke to keep.

– Nazis, writes Yasin, but what are you thinking?