It is pouring forward with fraud-skeletons from the public create in these times.

Just in recent days, the director of the State Serum Institute have been exempt from service for suspected defects and irregularities, three people have been charged in a case of millionsvindel at Lillebælt Hospital, and an anonymous letter with accusations of fraud and nepotism in the Postnord Denmark has caused a stir in Parliament.

Extra Magazine have compiled an overview of the cases at the bottom of the article.

According to professor of financial management and performance audit of CBS Peter Skærbæk savings on internal audit in the state be part of the explanation.

– There are the cases all the time, but we see a little more lapping of the waves now here, and it is really because, one has made considerable savings, among other things in Tax that did that one has starved environment the control environment. You have also made savings in the Defense, where you cut down on the internal audit, he says.

He recalls, moreover, that in 2016, repealed the so-called § 9 agreements, whereby the state of internal audits no longer had to report to The auditor general.

– Thus, there is no longer an independent body, who can read and respond to the warnings, such as an internal supervisory body had to travel, says Peter Skærbæk.

He believes that the lack of control and the savings on the internal audits are the core of the problem.

– Because you out in the institutions perceive that the control environment is weakened or is not so visible anymore, there will in the medium term, so will be a tendency for some to become tempted.

– Britta Nielsen’s defender has for example been out to say that there was not focus on the money, so therefore she believed that she that it was easy to get to them. And we have several examples of that when you make savings in the state, so you can save on the supervisory bodies, rather than on the citizen-related tasks, says Peter Skærbæk.

He stresses that his considerations about cost savings and lack of control can only explain svindelsagerne in the state. There may be other circumstances that apply at the municipal and regional level, he says.

Overview: Understand svindelsagerne


An anonymous letter to a number of mps have set in motion a study of Postnord Denmark’s internal economy, writes the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten 18. december.

In the letter, a prosecutor, a whistleblower Postnord for fraud and nepotism. The charges are according to the Liberal party postordfører, Kristian Pihl Lorentzen, on the ‘fiflerier and illegal accounting’.

According to Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten require more the political postordførere response from Postnord and a study of postnord’s cash flows.

Transport minister, Benny Engelbrecht (S), as the responsible minister, will now put in an external analysis of the cash flows.

Postnord rejects, however, all of the charges in the anonymous letter.

Photo: Benjamin Nørskov

serum institute

the Director of Statens Serum Institut, Mads Melbye, is 18. december been exempt from service due to suspected errors and irregularities.

There are raised questions about the mingling of private economic interests and research interests, writing Health and Ældreministeriet in a press release.

the Attorney general, the state’s primary attorney, shall be in charge of a study on the administration of patentaftaler and special allowances.

In connection with the matter to be ‘transfers of a significant amount of sensitive personal data collected from the SSI to the UNITED states’ also be examined.

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Lillebælt Hospital

Three people have been charged in a case of millionsvindel at Lillebælt Hospital. Among the accused are a former employee, as the hospital politianmeldte in the beginning of October.

11. december searched Sydøstjyllands Police three properties in Vejle, denmark, on Funen and on Zealand, where the three persons were arrested.

All three are released, but remain accused in the case, and politiefterforskningen of the case is expected to continue well into 2020.

According to the hospital, it is about fraud for a million to a million and a half dollars.

health Minister, Magnus Heunicke (S), has been informed by the DR that he is following the case closely, but can’t relate to the details while the case was investigated by the police.

Photo credit: Jonas Olufson

ministry of defense

In the beginning of december it emerged that two persons are reported to the police in a case of fraud in the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse.

the national audit Office has since april has examined the employee at the agency for misuse of tax dollars that otherwise would go to refurbish and maintain the Defence buildings.

the Case has led to immediate withdrawal of the now former koncernstyringsdirektør Per Pugholm Olsen, and Hans J. Høyer, ex-director of the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse.

there are five people indicted in a case from 2016, for a total of 450 conditions of bribery, complicity to bribery and breach of mandate of the particularly serious nature. There is talk of bribes of up to eur 1.8 million. crowns.

Two of the defendants are former civilian employees of the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse, two are self-employed, and the latter is the former employee of the installationsvirksomheden Kemp & Lauritzen, as has been previously mentioned in connection with information about.

In June, four Kemp & Lauritzen-employees dismissed for their role in a case of possible fraud with the purchase of electronics for 175.000 kr.

the Minister has now launched a kulegravning of procurement on all defence matters, and an internal survey of the staff of the department.

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Britta Nielsen

Former employee of the national board of social services Britta Nielsen is accused for fraud with public funds for nearly 117 million. crowns.

Britta Nielsen has, over a number of years, transferred money, which had been passed to the socially disadvantaged, to himself under the guise of payments to various fake benevolent purposes.

In the trial, which began this fall, it also emerged that it has cost society a further 10 million. dollars to investigate and clarify the matter.

the Lawsuit against Britta Nielsen will continue in the new year.

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Five people got in July 2019 upheld their convictions by the regional court in the so-called Ateasag.

There are five former bosses from the Atea and the Region of Zealand, and the case is about the fraud in the form of bribery and breach of mandate for over 2 million. kr.

the Fraud is conducted from 2009-2014, in which the heads fol.a. have eaten at gourmet restaurants and been on the new Formula 1 travel to Dubai.

the Investigation into the case led in the summer of 2016 in addition to a number of public employees was charged in minor cases on receipt of gifts, among other things, mobile phones and tv. Several of them have since been convicted.

Regionsrådsmedlem in Region Zealand, Freddy Blak (S) has also been convicted for passing confidential information from a report of the case. He has, however, retained his stand.

Photo: Niels Hougaard

the Fraud of withholding tax

the Case of fraud with the dividend tax, which allegedly has cost european treasuries 410 billion dollars, has been called ‘the heist of the century’.

In Denmark has been defrauded of 12.7 billion dollars, and the prime suspect is the british financier Sanjay Shah.

the Fraud has been happening since 2005, where it has managed the fraudsters to get paid reimbursement for withholding tax on purchase of shares multiple times for the same purchase.

A former employee of the Tax by the name of Sven Jørgen Nielsen was in 2017 sentenced to six years in prison for aggravated fraud, with just the refund of the withholding tax. Tax-Sven, as he was known as in the vernacular, has paid 37,4 million dollars to a foreign company on a false basis.

Photo: Ekstra Bladet the 22.06.2017