It is League 1 at home against The Championship, then the latter are allowed to carry favoritværdigheden to omkampen in 3. round. Shrewsbury is not in scary shape, no wins in five matches, while Bristol City, after all have two of them.

however, It is still the home team, I have look at, for they have a very impressive series of walk at home in the FA Cup. They are without defeat in this tournament on home soil in their last 11 matches. Since november 2009 they have only lost one home game. It was against Manchester United.

In other words: one defeat in 16 matches and clubs from all four divisions in England, who have been visiting in this series. They come not to lack motivation in the evening to pursue the shoal, which is another reason to look their way.

the Winner of the fight has home in the next round against none other than Liverpool, a match that without a doubt will cram New Meadows to the brim and the bushel well in klubkassen, as well as give players a rare experience.

the FA Cup on Tuesday 20.45

(draw-no-bet) 1: odds 2.18 at 888Sport


the Attempt was the most amazing comeback in the reverse battle, as they turned around 0-3 to 3-3 and the rematch at home. It does not, however, that they are in poor form and have kæmpeproblemer in League 2, where they are below the relegation line.

At the Watford bubbles all of the confidence at the moment after a fantastic start under manager Nigel Pearson, and although he’s certainly going to rotate in the layout like in the first fight, there must be the Watford players, who think they have something to revanchere.

They led 3-0 after just 34 minutes in the first match, but forgot so just to lace up the bag. They get a similar start again, kvajer they not twice.

the FA Cup on Tuesday 20.45

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Coming Tottenham to spend a lot of effort on the FA Cup? Then José Mourinho when suddenly have picked out this as the way to a trophy, and it should be left to him, he pretty much always weighted pokalturneringerne high. But anyway.

It is run by the track for them again in the Premier League, he has started on his ævlerier on no attack, so who is being risked here? They have Watford out on Saturday, and after three games in a row without victory in the Premier League, it starts again to be critical in relation to the top four-the dreams.

Middlesbrough is well running with six matches in a row without defeat, and they won their last two away matches in The Championship to zero against two of the teams from the top.

tottenham’s defensive impresses not, the zero is only held once in 13 attempts under Mourinho, their offense scares not even their own manager. I doubt that Tottenham are running a comfortable victory in the country against Boro.

I throw also a little coin for Boro to get more than one map along the way. They only got one yellow card in the reverse match, but there is a big difference in their handling of home versus away games. Flat slices the 1.50 pr. battle. Out slices the 2.23 and they have in 12 of the 13 away matches in the league scored more than one card.

the FA Cup on Tuesday 21.05

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