There was laid up for a Swedish håndboldfest in the european championship finals in denmark on Friday night in the Malmö Arena.

the Party was, however, quickly called off, as the Swedish hosts some surprisingly were beaten by Portugal, which distributed dry beaten up and defeated Sweden with the whole 35-25.

Thus it looks difficult for the Swedish håndboldherrer to qualify from group 2 of the mellemrunden, as the team still has zero points.

Different well it seems for Norway, which earlier Friday defeated Hungary with 36-29.

After the victory over Hungary topper Norway the group with four points and a better goal difference than Slovenia, who on Friday defeated Iceland, with the 30-27.

With the victory over Sweden continues Portugal to impress at the european championship finals.

Prior to this year’s finals, attended Portugal, at the latest at the finals in denmark in 2006. Here it was for a 15.-space by EM.

By this EM surprised Portugal, as the team in the first match in the initial group stage beat verdensstjernerne from France, that ended up leaving the tournament after the initial group stage.

the Triumph against France was subsequently followed up by another victory, when Portugal beat Bosnia-Herzegovina, within the Portuguese suffered a defeat at 28-34 to Norway in the last group match.

With the victory over Sweden, Portugal has two points in group 2 and continue to the opportunity to play at the semi-final.

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