YouTubere are young people, who is competing in to make the dummest possible stunt in the pursuit of likes and views.

this is the sound of one of the many prejudices about the digital stars that are popular as rice pudding in december. At least by the youth.

Some of them have managed to use the streaming service as a stepping stone to a proper television career, and among them is Rasmus Brohave, which has the 270,000 subscribers on the channel.

He can write a værtsrolle of ‘Guldtuben’ and TV2 programmes ‘Denmark has talent’ and ‘Z Factor’ on the cv, and it is also a tv, he’s betting on the future.

he told, when he, along with her boyfriend Maya Alberg Mikkelsen troppede up to the TV Price 2020 Saturday night.

– I hope that I will be doing more tv, there is nothing in the pipeline, but I hope there will be something, he told the attendees of the press.

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He has been able to feel that there are prejudices associated with being well-known through YouTube.

– When one comes from YouTube, there is a lot of prejudice, and that I have been able to disprove it is just mega awesome. It has been insanely fat and mega instructive to make a tv.

– you will encounter many prejudices, such as YouTuber from people who think that YouTubere just are some who drink Faxe level of Fitness at the time and such things?

– Jo, certainly, and it is also such a thing, I try to disprove with my channel and to show that you can can certainly make some other content. So the certainly, there has been something of a headwind on the way, but I think gradually people are starting to accept it more and more, he strikes fast.

the Rasmus Brohave with her boyfriend Maya Alberg Mikkelsen. Photo: Linda Johansen

Directly when asked whether he sees his own future in the field of talent shows, as has been the case with ‘Denmark has talent’ and ‘Z Factor’, he is sure in his case.

– clearly, I think it is fun when it’s bigger shows.

– It is so also those who are the most difficult to get?

– clearly, there is a longer time in between, but you have to just make himself good enough, he finishes of.