the Trial of the LTF – ban is carefully followed in the rocker and gang neighborhoods of north west, says sources with insight in the environment to Ekstra Bladet.

And in connection with today’s settlement has the Extra Leaf raised questions about the general picture of the rocker-gang environment to Søren Enevoldsen, vicepolitiinspektør at the National Efterforskningscenter (NEC) under the national Police, which on a national scale follows the mentioned environment.

– Assessment is that LTF is far less visible in the streets in connection with the ban, tells vicepolitinspektøren.

– it will also Apply to the rest of the environment?

– of course We can not draw equal sign, but it is our assessment that the ban and the lawsuit has had a general effect on the entire environment, is similar to Søren Enevoldsen.

He adds that the police have a strong focus on the mentioned criminal environment, and it is going to continue.

– How does the general image out right now?

in general we do not have any declared conflicts. As a result of our ongoing monitoring and assessments were put down in January. There is talk about a conflict in Copenhagen between the formations NNW and Brothas and then a local conflict in Odense, denmark, says Søren Enevoldsen.

– How many clubs and groups are reminded In currently?

– we do not want to disclose on the spur of the moment, similar Enevoldsen.

He does not wish to disclose the number of registered bikers and gang members in Denmark.

– But we have p.t. 372 bikers and gang members sitting in prison, he adds.

– Which crime do they have in, and has seen a development in the kriminalitetsformer, they do themselves in?

– The general picture is that the person is a criminal, and that they do in everything, there is personal gain in.

– We have seen a general increase in it economic crime, and here makes the organized criminals from gang members and gang neighborhoods of north west apply.