To be the very best, a “Pokémon GO” player should always come to the augmented reality world of pocket monsters prepared. This is perhaps the lesson Trainers learned with the arrival of the Gen 2 Update late last week. For those who did not save up enough Pokémon Candy to evolve Gen 1 to Gen 2 Pokémon, they missed the opportunity to be one of the first to have powerful Evolutions. To prevent this from happening in the future, players are encouraged to check out the diagram of all Pokémon Candy and Evolution Items needed for the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Updates that has been provided online.

Just this past Saturday, Reddit user pjpacattack came up with a streamlined diagram of the Candy and Evolution Items players should pay more attention to in the following weeks. All Pokémon require a certain amount of Candy either to power up or to evolve. On the other hand, there are special cases wherein a Pokémon needs a specific Evolution Item to transform to its stronger and bigger form. Therefore, having both the right amount of Candy and the particular Evolution Item for a special Pokémon will come in handy, especially for Trainers who want to obtain more powerful creatures quickly.

The diagram pjpacattack created (shown below) reveals that while a lot of Gen 1 Pokémon need Candy and certain Evolution Items to transform to their Gen 2 Evolutions, there are more Gen 2 creatures that require these items to change to their Gen 4 Evolutions. For Gen 3 Pokémon, there are only a few that will need some Candy to evolve to their Gen 4 forms. Also, in the special case of Eevee, Its Gen 6 form Sylveon is included to remind players to always value every Eevee Candy they can get.

Not included in the diagram are the Evolution Stones and Held Items for the Gen 4 Pokémon since Niantic has yet to confirm if it will continue to follow the main games in the future generation updates for “Pokémon GO.” However, players who stumbled upon pjpacattack’s subreddit are already claiming that this is very likely due to some items that are part of the Gen 2 Update. For example, the Sun Stone that evolves Gloom into Bellossom is now part of the game.

Pokemon Candy & Evolution Items diagram Photo: Reddit/imgur/pjpacattack

Pokemon Candy diagram Photo: Reddit/imgur/pjpacattack

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With the arrival of the Gen 2 Update, Trainers should now start saving more Pokémon Candy and Evolution Items for upcoming generation updates. Photo: YouTube/Pokemon Go Channel

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