the pension fund PFA, together with partner Audley Group build several thousand senior housing, student housing with options for care and practical help to the residents. It writes the PFA in a press release.

Overall, the PFA and the Audley Group construct and operate 10 properties in Copenhagen and Aarhus with a total of around 2600 homes for seniors. They must have restaurant, bar, gym and pool. And in addition to the ‘opportunity to buy practical help and personal care’.

– the Danes over the age of 65 years are the fastest growing population at home, and pensioners boligønsker and needs change rapidly. We know from many studies that they increasingly want to move from their current accommodation to something smaller, more convenient and seniorvenligt.

– A place with the option for integrated care and practical help and optimal environment to engage in strong social communities, writes ejendomsdirektør in the PFA Michael Bruhn in the press release.

the Concept is known from abroad. In the UNITED states, the city is The Villages in Florida, which is only for the elderly, for example, repeatedly been the country’s fastest growing city.

According to the PFA’s press release should the homes be modelled out from the uk Mayfield Village, there are luxury homes for the elderly.

It is also a good business, as there are many wealthy seniors who want to use their fortune to be among peers and have access to care in their home.

– There is generally a gap in the market here in denmark, when it comes to seniorvenligt construction and seniorbofællesskaber. Demand exceed simply the provision of housing adapted to the pensioners changing housing needs.

– It is also therefore that we in recent years has developed several new housing facilities for seniors, and here are the upcoming senior housing, student housing with the option of care for most recent shoots on the trunk, writes Michael Bruhn.

the PFA expects to start work immediately and have the first “serviced senior housing, student housing” ready in 2023.