As it is now, it must be determined who clocked most of it in the year that almost has passed. Who jokkede knædybt in the spinach? Who tumbled crazily around in manegen? Who prepared the nettles for real?

they did all ten on the list below, but there are only one cod to the distribution, so think carefully before you submit your vote.

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The ten nominees

1 Simon Emil Ammitzbøll-Bille

the Year nytårstorsk: Gummimanden

2 Anders from ‘Married at first sight’

this Year nytårstorsk: Anders Linselus

3 Lene Due

the Year nytårstorsk: Beer-benægteren

4 Karsten Hønge

the Year nytårstorsk: Høngerøven

5 Kristian Thulesen Dahl

the Year nytårstorsk: Lose-Tulle

6 Michael Borre

the Year nytårstorsk: ötzi the iceman,

7 Mette Frederiksen

the Year nytårstorsk: the Secret to Mette

8 Rasmus Paludan

the Year nytårstorsk: Rasmus Pyromaniac

9 Ghita Nørby

the Year nytårstorsk: Baronessen from hell

10 Lars Løkke Rasmussen

the Year nytårstorsk: Capricious Loop


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1977 member of parliament Inge Krogh

1978 member of parliament René Brusvang

1979 Sømandsformand Preben Møller Hansen

1980 Partistifter Erhard Jakobsen

1981 Aalborg-mayor Marius Andersen

1982 Minister for foreign affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

1983 Minister of foreign affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

1984 the secretary of Transportation Arne Melchior

1985, the minister of the Interior, Britta Schall Holberg

1986 has grown at Isi non-european ethnic background

1987 DBU-chairman Carl Nielsen

1988 member of the Danish parliament Mogens Camre

1989 the Minister of health, Elsebeth Kock-Petersen

1990 Minister of foreign affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

the 1991 president of the Danish parliament, H. P. Clausen

1992, the Minister of foreign affairs Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

1993 police commissioner Poul Eefsen

1994 Transport minister Kaj Ikast

1995 the minister of Culture, Jytte Hilden

in 1996, Prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

1997 party leader Uffe Ellemann-Jensen

1998 Danish Prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

1999, the minister of economic affairs Marianne Effect

2000 the Danish Prime minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

2001 member of parliament Keld Albrechtsen

2002 Mayor Peter Brixtofte

2003 member of parliament Jacob Buksti

2004 Prince Joachim of denmark

2005, the real estate agent Hanne Nørrisgaard

2006 Imam Abu Laban

2007 member of the Danish parliament Jørgen Poulsen

2008, the minister for Integration Birthe Rønn Hornbech

2009 Mayor Klaus Bondam

2010, the Minister for the environment Karen Ellemann

2011, Prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt

the 2012 Prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt

2013 party leader, Lars Løkke Rasmussen

2014, the party leader, Lars Løkke Rasmussen

the 2015 Mp Carl Holst

the 2016 European Parliament member Morten Messerschmidt

in 2017, the Minister for foreign affairs Anders Samuelsen

the year 2018, Finance minister Kristian Jensen

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