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the Prospect of a life behind bars for the next many many years has not prevented the livstidsdømte killer Peter Madsen in concluding his life’s second marriage.

unlike his first marriage, which was concluded at the Copenhagen city Hall in 2011, then the couple could go out under the open sky and be celebrated by your friends at the town hall, took place the ceremony this time, in the not-so-cheerful atmosphere in the Herstedvester Prison in Albertslund.

Here is serving he statutory maximum sentence for the brutal and planned murder of the Swedish journalist Kim Wall on board the submarine UC3 Nautilus 10. august 2017.

Peter Madsen’s new wife is Jenny Curpen, who originally comes from Moscow in Russia, confirms she.

the Marriage was entered into in december, but the first 8. January in the year they made the marriage official on social media, as both Jenny Curpen and Peter Madsen on their Facebook profiles changed the status to ’married’ each other.

the Extra Leaf has been in contact with the woman, who is 39 years old, artist and activist. She confirms marriage with Peter Madsen, but does not wish to attach multiple comments to the marriage at the present time.

On her Instagram profile, she has posted pictures from Copenhagen, including pictures from the Refshaleøen, where Peter Madsen, when he was still a celebrated rocket and submarine builder, had his time in the first Copenhagen Suborbitals and since the Rocket Madsen’s Laboratory.

She also shared the drawings of Peter Madsen’s three self-built submarines Kraka, Freya and the UC3 Nautilus, which was a gruesome crime scene, before Peter Madsen lowered deliberately in Køge Bay.

8. June last year, posted a picture of Peter Madsen and a link to a text in English about Peter Madsen, which was first written and published in Russian in december 2018.

‘I hope not to be completely understood, but I can at least try, she writes in the advertisement.

the Woman flew to Copenhagen 18. december, it appears from her open Instagramkonto, and the marriage was 19. december of last year.

According to Ekstra information was given to the couple two hours together in the context of marriage.

the Extra Leaf has also been confirmed from the other party with a particularly good insight in Peter Madsen’s life in prison, that he has been married to a Russian woman.

Peter Madsen has not even access to the internet and his Facebook profile from jail. A friend, who faithfully followed all of the court hearings in the gruesome drabssag and have visited him many times in prison, has previously told to B. T., she is manager of the facebook page.

It is unknown if she still does it. After the news of the marriage is put up a post in English on the side signed ‘Peter’, where it says that you can contact Jenny Curpen on Facebook or email, if you still have the need to interact with him, because it now is the best and fastest way to get in contact with him.

the Extra Leaf has previously revealed a second love affair, Peter Madsen opened, while he still sat in custody in the Vestre Prison, charged with the brutal killing.

Here he began flirting with a female prison guard, who followed the appeal in The high Court.

She knew very well, that the switch would mean a goodbye to the job. But it could not be different, she told in august 2018 to Ekstra Bladet.

– It is difficult to say what emotion it is. I can’t say why. I’m talking just as much as he does. It is not that he is controlling the conversation. Not at all.

They wrote countless letters to each other, when Peter Madsen moved the jail to The Prison. She, under her maiden name. At the same time, she is still at work in the Vestre Prison.

– of course It is wrong. That I may not. But we did so. More is not in it. I do not know if it develops more. I can’t say 100 percent, said the woman at the time.

She even took the consequence and said itself up.

the 112 – 20. aug. 2018 – at. 22:00 Female prison guard leaving the job: Too close to Peter Madsen

Detective Fængselsbetjents dangerous flirt: Dreaming of living with the Madsen

Plus Madsen’s flirt of space in the court: Great to see him again

Already during the trial in Copenhagen district Court, it emerged that the Peter Madsen had been divorced from the woman he married in 2011 and lived in an open relationship with, They were still married at the time, he beat Kim Wall to death.

– I am no longer married (the wife, ed.). There is nothing in it, I have had that longer exists, said Peter Madsen in the court and told that the wife had come on a visit in prison and told him that she had to seek separation and divorce for economic reasons.

the ex-wife was called as a witness in the case. She met, however, not up, but sent a medical certificate. Later, the presiding judge, that she had legally decay.

the 112 – 28. mar. 2018 – at. 10:59 Peter Madsen: I am no longer married

the Extra Leaf has also previously revealed that Peter Madsen had opened a correspondence with the so-called Kundby-girl, who is sentenced to eight years in prison for planning a terrorist attack against a school in Fårevejle and a jewish school in Copenhagen with home-made bombs.

the Crime Now they are in the same prison: Peter Madsen writes with Kundby-the girl