the House of Representatives will on Wednesday vote on whether to send the charges presented in rigsretssagen against president Donald Trump on to the Senate.

It has the democratic chairman of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, announced at a meeting with democratic politicians on Tuesday, informs some of the participants at the meeting.

A vote in the House of Representatives Wednesday opening that the Senate can initiate rigsretssagen against the president already this week.

however, It may take several days for the Senate to get the formalities in place, such as to take members of Congress in the ed.

Pelosi says further at the meeting on Tuesday morning local time, to she Wednesday will put the name of the politicians, who, on behalf of the House of Representatives must conduct the case in the Senate. This was stated by democrat Henry Cuéllar to Reuters.

The two charges against Trump is about official misconduct, and obstruction of Congressional work.

the President is accused of having abused his power by pressuring Ukraine’s government to launch a study of the Trumps political rival Joe Biden and his son.

in Addition, the president is accused to have worked against Congress in the investigation of the case – to prevent officials and the consultants to witness.

It is only the third time in US history, to begin an impeachment against the sitting president.