Over 220 people are injured during violent clashes between police and protesters in Lebanon’s capital, Beirut. The country’s president has on Saturday night asked the army to intervene.

While ambulancers sirens heard across Beirut, so can the Red Cross tell you that 80 of the injured are brought to hospitals, while just over 140 people are being treated out in the streets.

It is the largest number of injuries during the last three months of large demonstrations in the lebanese capital against the government and corruption.

Maya, a 23-year-old woman, says she is protesting because the politicians ignore the requirement to get thrown the old political class.

– It is as if they don’t have got an eye on our movement. Popular anger is the solution, says she.

president of Lebanon, Michel Aoun, has asked the country’s army to restore calm in the heart of Beirut, writes Reuters.

the Announcement came as police and protesters on Saturday night clashed in the city streets.

Aoun asks the military forces to “protect the safety of peaceful protesters, and public and private property in the Heart of the centre”.

There have been clashes between police and protesters at parliament. Tried protesters to enter the parliament building. Several banks have been smashed, their glass panes.

They are throwing stones and using iron bars against the security forces. The police responds with tear gas and rubber bullets.

Interior minister Raya el-Hassan calls riots unacceptable.

I have always maintained the right to protest. But it is worthy of condemnation, when the protests are evolving into obvious attacks on the security forces and on public and private property. It is not at all acceptable, he says

Lebanon has ago 17. October has been hit by large protests against the government.

Many young people have joined the demonstrations to express their anger over corruption and poor living conditions.