Months of speculation is over.

Christian Eriksen is officially the Inter-player, after he Monday underwent mandatory medical checkup and now have signed the contract in Milan.

Tuesday at. 14 informs the club on its official channels, that the agreement is in place. The contract runs to the summer of 2024. the

the Dane arrived in Linate Airport in Milan on Monday morning and was taken to the clinic Humanitas, where the Inters own check-ups, after all, to judge the flow completely by the book. Then we went to Serie A’s official check-ups at the Palazzo CONI.

Tuesday, Christian Eriksen spent the morning in Inters headquarters, before he headed træningsanlægget Appiano Gentile, where he met his team-mates and coach Conte.

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Christian Eriksen waved to the people in connection with the second medical checkup in Milan. Photo credit: Matteo Bazzi/Ritzau Scanpix

According to uk and Italian media, pay Inter 150 million to Tottenham for Eriksen, five months before his contract expires.

in Addition, should Inter be has agreed to pay Ajax the five percent of the amount which they negotiated when they sold Eriksen in 2013. As part of the agreement get Tottenham in addition, all proceeds from a future friendly match between the two clubs.

in addition to the new club and new league waiting also Christian Eriksen a paycheck on a new level. He is going to earn approx. Eur 7.5 million. euro per year – after tax. This corresponds to 56 million. kr. To this must be added various bonuses. The agreement with Inter runs until the summer of 2024.

Video/editing: Reuters via Ritzau Scanpix/Morten Parsner

Christian Eriksen can get the debut in the Coppa Italia already Wednesday, but it is expected, however, that Antonio Conte is saving his debut for the weekend, where Inter meet Udinese.

The 27-year-old midfielder came to Tottenham from Ajax in the summer of 2013. He reached 305 matches, scored 69 goals and put up 89 goals in all tournaments.

The English club was strongly interested in extending the agreement with Eriksen, but last summer he made it quite clear that he wanted to try something new. The he gets a chance at Inter, where he will become the fourth dane to get debut.