As you know, the old love never dies, and it must be said to be the case for realitystjernerne Philip May and Simone Hvenegaard, both of which are known from the ‘Paradise Hotel’.

Under the snigpremieren on the new season of ‘Paradise Hotel’, which was held in the circus building in Copenhagen on Tuesday evening, revealed the fact, that they once again have found love in each other, and that they now call themselves lovers.

– We are lovers. We are lovers. We have tried to keep it hidden. Well, I love her jo?, it sounded from a happy Philip May for the magazine See and Hear.

Reality 3. nov. 2017 – at. 18:21 Love burst: Reality-couple goes from each other

it was Here that Philip May has also revealed that the two have been more than just friends for a while.

It was also clear during the premierefesten that the two are fond of each other, and several times the two were seen sitting very close.

Philip and Simone met each other in ‘Paradise Hotel’ in 2017. Photo: Anthon Unger

Back in april of this year told the pair otherwise to Ekstra Bladet that their relationship was over, and that they did not expect to find together again.

Here had either Philip, or Simone, however, want to tell more about the reason for the breach.

– I can confirm that we are not together any more, but I have no more to say than that, said Philip May.

Philip May and Simone Hvenegaard was the big love story in the 2017 edition of the ’Paradise Hotel’. Here found turtelduerne together for the rolling cameras, and scooped out of each other the title as the ’Paradise lovers’.

Because of the warm and wet Paradise-the time in Mexico was swapped out with the everyday life in Denmark, they remained lovers.

They were even ready to move in together, raise a family and start a life together. But suddenly it went awry between Simone and Philip, and they chose to go apart from each other.

Danish well-known – 9. apr. 2019 – at. 18:53 Danish realitystjerner goes from one to the other again

Philip May and Simone Hvenegaard is again boyfriends. Photo: Anthon Unger

the Reality Awards 2018 had the two realitystjerner, however, again got a good eye to each other and could not keep their hands off each other.

– Our hearts are become one again. We’ll become lovers!, announced Philip May the time.

Now, the pair then once again found love in each other.

the Extra Leaf has repeatedly tried to get a comment from Philip May and Simone Hvenegaard, but they have not returned our inquiries.