In Norway, they have had red ears. It is due to the two heroes, which actually should be to maintain the nation’s honor in it for them so vital discplin, cross-country skiing.

it was Here that the Norwegian hopes His Christer Holund brought himself in a situation he does not want to be too proud of. He managed namely to get lost on the route and continued on a mad road for over a mile.

When he discovered his blunder, it was already too late.

– I was a bit in my own bubble. I was very focused, and then I forgot to swap the running track on the løjpen after the first short round, the protagonist even to the Norwegian media.

Hans Christer Holund celebrates one of several past wins. This time at a World Cup competition in Seefeld, Austria back in march of last year. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix
– no, No, no!
Normanden was otherwise completely in front in the race after the first 15 miles, but it took only a moment of forgetfulness to throw it all over the track.

the Slopes, go in parallel, and I discovered it not before a mile after. There was no point in going back, explains Holund.

I said, ‘no, No, no!’ out loud to myself. It is really hard, and I have no one to blame. Such a thing should just not happen.

But the Norwegian debacle did not stop there. The other Norwegian Emil Iversen, made it not much better though and was disqualified. He also couldn’t quite figure out how to stick to the route and got a yellow card for that move outside the løjpen.

Along with an earlier yellow card for a false start, it was a red card for the 28-year-old Norwegian skier who struggled in goal to no avail.

instead, the race was won by Russian Aleksandr Bolsjunov, who benefited Holunds absence. A sovereign victory, he won by 24 seconds down to Finnish Iivo Niskanen, which was followed by the Norwegian consolation prize, a third place to Shur, even unto the Røthe. In cross country there is always just a Norwegian more.

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