It is probably a good idea to think about an extra time before you attempt a selfie with a wild animal.

It had to be a tourist recognize, as his attempt at a picture with the elephant ended up with, that he was being chased by the beast.

the Whole episode was caught on camera by several people, who stood around when the incident took place.

Here you can see clearly that the elephant chasing the man around and try to get a hold of him, while he sp├Žner to avoid being caught.

Before the elephant was angry, the group had, where the man was in, tried to get in as close as possible to try a selfie with the animal.

But it bothered the elephant did, not at all.

In the recording, you see one man falling down while the rest of the group runs away.

to be lying on the ground get the man, however, the elephant to lose interest in him, and the man can run away.

the Incident happens after 50 elephants have left their normal place to find food in a nearby area, the elephant in the video was, however, come away from his group and was pursued by a group of people.

You can see the video of the confrontation at the top of the article.