MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): Denmark needed help from the Island to reach mellemrunden by EM, but how came it not to go.

Iceland had to win over Hungary, but after a promising first half, as the Island won 12-9, fell Gudmundur Gudmundssons troops from each other after the break. Hungary ended up winning 24-18 and therefore take the two points with the over in the mellemrunden, while the Island goes over a round zero.

Denmark is after the now in the EM context, the inconsequential match against Russia travel home and prepare for the summer OLYMPICS in Tokyo.

Iceland got a terrible opening to the match against Hungary. The team’s big star, Aaron Palmarsson, had three afbrændere within the first five minutes, and in the same period burnt the north atlantic the vikings and also a penalties.

The utilised Hungary to put themselves ahead 3-0. But then woke up the icelandic captain, 40-year-old Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson. With two stunning scores from the left wing, he was reduced, and then came the Island really started.

Photo: Lars Poulsen
The icelandic defence was effectively blocked by the Hungarian combinations, and since Gudmundur Gudmundsson had taken a timeout, where he had adjusted the icelandic attack, it was suddenly strong.

In a ruf Iceland had brought themselves ahead 6-3, including two great scores of the Palmarsson. In the icelandic goal was Bjørgvin Gustavsson a living wall. After a quarter of an hour Hungary had still only scored three times.

Island held fast in the tremålsføringen far to go in halftime. It was 8-5 and 9-6, before Valur Sigurdsson created the first firemålsføring to 10-6. It looked very good for Denmark.

But a messy end to the first half with more expulsions for both teams did, that Hungary had reduced the lead to three goals. 12-9 was the score at the break, and then fell for a while a little peace and quiet in the Malmö Arena, where the many thousands of Danish spectators had been to whip the icelanders forward over the pigeon blue floor.

And so still well out of Denmark’s opportunities to forward to mellemrunden.

Photo: Lars Poulsen
After the break it continued a little messy games. Again with expulsions and a part of the burners from both teams. But it was Hungary who had the lead. The game was based on the large stregspiller Bence Banhidi, which scored three times in a row, and suddenly the icelandic lead reduced to just a single goal. Now it had suddenly become a sweaty place.

Eleven minutes into halftime equalized Bence Banhidi to 15-15, and at the time was Denmark’s role in the EM proposal.

the Island had been considerably more difficult to score. In the Hungarian goal rescued Roland Mikler several penalties, while Bjørgvin Gustavsson in the opposite goal fell down and was replaced with the young GOG-keeper Viktor Hallgrimsson. He began with a superredning on a completely free Bence Banhidi, and then lived in Denmark again in the tournament.

Photo: Lars Poulsen
However, Hungary continued to bite from. 17 minutes in the second half, they brought themselves in front 18-17. Roland Mikler was impossible to pass in the Hungarian goal, and it looked like a serious downturn for both Iceland and Denmark.

And it is just continuing. Mikler took everything, and Hungary expanded the lead to 20-17. With just 10 minutes again Iceland had only scored five goals after the break. It ended up with a regular icelandic downturn.

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