MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): – I am very disappointed. It was not what we had hoped and believed, but with the efforts could not become more. We got terrible and burned, I know not how many 100 percent chances, and then hung the we after to the missing four minutes. We had the opportunity to close the match and managed – to the Island – not to exploit it.

Niklas Landin is, to put it mildly, not happy. Keeper rev 20 saves out of the cage, but to almost no avail. A point makes Denmark dependent on Iceland’s match against Hungary on Wednesday.

We are extremely disappointed in the effort. The one point we do not know whether we can do something with. The hope to live, of course, but we must have a helping hand – and so we should certainly even do the job against Russia.

– I had actually a pissegod feeling, as we drove out to the fight. It is a great team, when it’s all running inside on the track, and today it does not run. Before the match you could see in people’s eyes that they were ready, but it was something else, we showed.

Was in the for self-confident?

– No, for we could see in the first half, that it did not run. We were not at all sure that we are ’just’ would retrieve them at the end. We get many setbacks in the course of the fight, and they play with us or just tactical wise, you have to let them. But we have mostly ourselves to blame, we only play a tie.

Dominik Mathe trying out at Niklas Landin. Photo: Lars Poulsen

Landin also does not agree that the defensive stood strong:

– I do not think we are okay in defence. We are doing still some error and koncentrationssvigt, which makes that they get a cheap goal, so the way could the defense have been better in the day. It is not only angrebsspillet, we can put it over on the.

How will the next days?

– of course It is a lortefornemmelse. We have to dig us up again, and we will of course do everything to win over Russia, and then we shall see whether icelanders are a bit of good by us. But we should probably home just to talk some things through, which we started already in the locker room.

– It is too bad that there isn’t more of the experienced, that takes dirigentstokken and delivers a solid effort. Then we had also won. There was just too many that don’t hit the day, and it is disastrous when one player about to go ahead in a championship, says Niklas Landin.

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