The european big clubs have for several years discussed the possibility of creating a european udbryderliga for the biggest clubs – that is a direct competitor to The European Football associations (Uefa) Champions League tournament.

Yet it has never been for anything, because both Uefa and The International Football federation (Fifa) under the previous president Sepp Blatter was strongly opposed and prevented such a league creation.

But where the Uefa continue to reject the idea and cherish its own european tournaments, then fifa’s attitude to the subject under president Gianni Infantino supposedly soft something up.

For a week and a half ago, denied that Fifa had given backing to a project with a udbryderliga, but during the club WORLD cup, which has just now played in Qatar, he opens to look at alternative ligastrukturer.

– We need to be open to discuss things. Belgium and Holland have been talking about a Benelux league for 20 years, and we always say no, because we are based on the national leagues, says Gianni Infantino, according to Reuters.

– But maybe it will help (the soccer ball, ed.). Maybe it is the only way forward. Perhaps they need to consider it in Europe, perhaps in Africa. I have proposed something similar in Africa.

– I believe we have a duty to examine the possibilities of such things, and then we shall see whether it needs to be done.

in Several places in Europe have such opportunities been often discussed – among other things, in the Nordic countries and in the former Soviet area.

of course, There is difference at to merge each of the leagues in neighbouring countries and then make a european super league for the top of Europe’s football clubs.

But fifa’s opening of trans-national leagues will undoubtedly give renewed optimism on the part of the advocates of the various forms of udbryderligaer.

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