Nathalie Sandra Brandt selected 30. november to throw themselves into a dogfight in the Hundeskoven in Høng.

the Resolution, which she does not regret, was to give her a five centimeter deep bite in the leg and a trip to the hospital.

– I am out walking with an acquaintance in the Hundeskoven, where a man suddenly shouts to us about our dogs ‘do something’ (if they can be aggressive, red.).

– We say no, then he starts screaming at his dog. His dog running over and attacking a labrador. The attack sounds very violently, so I rush me more, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

Reflux selects the 35-year-old Nathalie Sandra Brandt to try to separate the two dogs along, while the owner of the aggressive dog looks on.

– I rush me to get my own dog on a leash, and so I take hold of the aggressive dog. Afterwards I can see that I have been bitten quite profusely. One wound five centimeters deep, she says.

the Dog has bitten with so much force, that Nathalie Sandra Brandt still feel the repercussions. Photo: Private

Nathalie Sandra Brandt is convinced that the aggressive dog is of the breed kangal.

– It is an illegal dog. I have also reported the incident to the police. It is deeply irresponsible to take in hundeskov with a dog, which you have no control over.

According to the newspaper Sjællandske have more citizens reported the case to the Middle – and West zealand Police. The reviews goes on, to the dog, who has skambidt 35-year-old Nathalie Sandra Brandt, is an illegal dog.

the Wound is according to Nathalie Sandra Brandt five centimeters deep. Photo: Private
Extra the Magazine has approached the Middle – and West zealand Police about the notification. However, it has not been possible to get an opinion before publication.

currently, there are 13 breeds of dog are illegal in Denmark. On this list is the Turkish breed kangal