Health authorities in the chinese city of Wuhan during the weekend recorded 136 new cases of pneumonia which caused an outbreak of a new virus.

It informs the sundhedskommission Monday.

One person is confirmed dead, inform the authority. It is the third death linked to the virus.

Moreover, in two other provinces in China registered three cases of the virus spread across a case in the province of Guangdong and two in the capital city of Beijing.

this is The first time that persons have been found infected with the virus in other parts of China than Wuhan.

Health authorities in Beijing reports that two persons, who had travelled to Wuhan, is being treated for pneumonia, which is believed to be due to the virus. Both of the persons condition is stable.

It is unknown where the virus originated, but it is believed to come from a fish market in Wuhan.

Moreover, there are found three cases of the virus abroad. Two in Thailand and one in Japan. In both countries, the authorities have stated that the case of visitors from Wuhan.

With the 139 new cases, the number of infected people in China stands at 201. Of which 198 in Wuhan.

In Wuhan, which has 11 million inhabitants, will be about 170 people treated in hospitals. Nine of the patients are in critical condition.

25 persons have been hospitalized, have been cured, informs the sundhedskommission.

The new virus is a corona virus and is believed to be in the family with the virus sars, which killed nearly 650 people in China and Hong kong between 2002 and 2003.

There is according to the chinese authorities so far have not found evidence that the virus is transmitted between people. But it can not be denied.

Some experts say that the new virus probably is not as dangerous as sars, but the knowledge of it remains limited, and there is not a vaccine against it.