Dyrevelfærdsorganisation are now trying to find forward to at least two pigeons that mysteriously has been given cowboy hats firmly on his head.

It happens after a video, where the pigeons are walking around with the little hats on the street in Las Vegas, has gone viral.

the Video was initially shared on Twitter-ago Las Vegas Locally, where it has been viewed over two million times and shared over 46,000 times.

the Video has aroused great concern on the part of Las Vegas’ citizens and dueredningsforeningen Lofty Hopes, which will now try to find those pigeons. The association fears that the people who are behind the hats, used the funds as superglue to put them firmly.

– at First I thought, oh my god, it is cute! Then I thought, wait – how are they hats been fixed? They have glued them? And what does it mean for them? It’s going to prevent them escape or it will attract predators? says Mariah Hillman, who is the founder behind the Lofty Hopes, to Fox News.

Also CNN and the New York Times has written about the videos of the mysterious pigeon-cowboy hats.

Las Vegas-citizen Kassandra Flores says to CNN that she believed the videos were real, until she spotted one of the pigeons on the street. Also she has posted a video of one of the pigeons out on Twitter.

Mariah Hillman and other volunteers from the Lofty Hopes drove the other day around for several hours, hoping to find the pigeons and help them with cowboyhattene. She advises people who see them to continue to feed them and contact her. So she will come as soon as possible and catch them in to help them.