Realitystjernen Amalie Szigethy has since 2017, has been a part of realityprogrammet ‘Forsidefruer’ on TV3.

But it was to Amalie Szigethys mother, Charlotte Lytton Kejser, would her daughter will no longer be included in the program.

– I do not think that Amalie should be to continue in the program. Now, that is enough. But it is of course her own choice and she earns the money on it, so I understand it too well, she said to Ekstra Bladet, when we met the mother and daughter to the TV Price by 2020.

Danish celebrity – 18. jan. 2020 – pm. 19:55 Amalie shows the downside: – Why not?

Especially the fact that Amalie Szigethy and forsidefruen Janni Ree have had some major conflicts in the recent season of the program, has gone mother Charlotte on.

– I think it is hard to see that This is being run on on the way. It is not fun for a mother. There are older women who have more life experience than her.

Amalie along with her mother on the red carpet. Photo: Linda Johansen

TV Price stressed Amalie Szigethy, however, that she and Janni Ree has put strids√łkserne behind them again, after they have had a number of dramatic bickering in the program, and she is therefore also continue in the program.

It goes perfectly fine. We are not adversaries any more. I’ve just been over to say ‘Hi’ to her and give her a hug. I love to make the programme good and evil, and therefore I continue also, she said.

Janni Ree stressed to Ekstra Bladet, that the mood between the two is reversed.

– the Mood has turned. We had had a meeting the day before, where we agreed to look forward, and so we met for a TV Price. We have agreed that we ‘turn a line’ in the sand. Our friendship is enough, like a relationship, where it goes up and down, told Janni about the reason for the – the now former – enmity between the two.

Season seven of ‘Forsidefruer’ is set to premiere this spring.