Magnus Lasse Petersen had fleas in his pants, when he as a little boy, started school. He could not sit still and concentration in the classroom, there was not much of.

His internal turmoil could not have anticipated when he went to the ‘X Factor’audition and got three sure-fire times yes from dommertrioen.

Magnus Lasse Petersen was eight years old and went for 2. class, he was diagnosed with ADHD and answers to why he was so restless.

– I did not like the other kids. I was not good at the academic and disturbed the other very much, says Magnus Lasse Petersen, who therefore got a part sk├Žldud of the teachers.

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Magnus Lasse Petersen living at home with his father, who also plays lots of music. Photo: TV2

Socially, he served fine. Had lots of friends and loved to play football. But when the bell phoned, began the turmoil.

I started to get medication for my ADHD already in the 2. class. But I got big side effects of it. Among other things, I could not eat and lost me therefore much so that in 4. class I had to stop with the medication, he says to Ekstra Bladet.

Magnus Lasse Petersen, like his comrades should begin to have grades in elementary school, he started again to take drugs against his turmoil.

– I was going to have to be able to get my exam. But I had been older, and therefore I understood that I had to eat something, even though I did not want, he says.

The three judges were impressed with Magnus and his natural approach to the world of music. Photo: TV2
School was never a success. The Danish was hard and the math is impossible for him.

– But the music was my haven. Football and music were the only thing I could find out. Here I got a lot of recognition. It was really nice, he remembers.

the Problems keep the focus has never been a problem for Magnus, Lasse Petersen, when it has been about singing and music.

– I can play several hours in a row on the day. I can easily concentrate on, he says.

So he does now. Play for hours and hours. Every day. As just a 19-year-old, Magnus Lasse Petersen acknowledged that music is his way.

I is reached, that maybe there was a reason that I could not concentrate in school, for it is something else I need to do.

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After primary school, he attended the sports school and tried to go into education as a social and sundshedsassistent.

– But I failed in mathematics, and so it does not go, he tells.

to begin with he was concerned about what would become of him in the future. For you have to have an education!

– But I may not. I got a job in the Net some hours of the day. It gave me time to play. I started performing at cafes, bars and for weddings, and it is my job now, ” he says.

With sine19 year is Magnus Lasse Petersen both young and pretty green in the music business, but he is sure that this is where he belongs.

– There are other roads in life than to go to school. Music is my way, he states.

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