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New luxury kitchen, PH-lamps and a new addition are just some of the things that a 62-year-old man charged with bribery can enjoy in his new house in Nsw.

the House took over, the accused, in February 2019, and the property has already undergone extensive modification, like more effects, apparently, are similar to things, the 62-year-old has purchased through the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse.

It shows, among other images, the Extra Leaf is in possession of information from multiple sources with knowledge of the house and its alterations, as well as the order data from the elfirmaet Søndergaard El, where the accused had a mirror account.

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How to see the svindelsigtedes new house out after several conversions. Photo: Claus Bonnerup

the Sources want to be anonymous, as they will not be associated with the case, but Extra the Magazine know their identity.

the Extra Leaf could 24. december reveal that the 62-year-old man had multiple effects in a house in Jutland, which he also owns, which was similar to the effects which he bought for Defence funding through the elfirmaet Søndergaard El.

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photo Gallery 1 of 3 Here is the house before the svindelsigtede took it. The page is set up the windows all the way around in the part of the house, where before was covered, so the house area has been expanded. It before the covered area can be seen in the right side. At the same time have the accused removed the two doors and inserted large windows in the place. Photo: Private 2 of 3 How to let the house out from under the covered. The area is today surrounded by windows and incorporated into the house. Photo: Private 3 of 3 this is How the kitchen looked when the svindelsigtede acquired the property. The kitchen is today torn down and replaced with a brighter kitchen, which apparently is of the same type, which is installed in the 62-year-olds house in east Jutland. Photo: Private

It was, among other things, a PH of ‘artichoke’ in copper by Louis Poulsen costing from the button to 60,000 crowns. The accused had at the same time, a luxury kitchen from installed. And just kitchens from bought the 62-year-old large check at the end of 2018.

a statement by the former financial controller of the hotel in elfirmaet led, it appears that the person charged via its mirror account at Søndergaard El bought several kitchens by Kitchens Holstebro for a total of 442.000 dollars from 30. October 20. december 2018.

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Here is a picture from mæglerannoncen of the house in east Jutland. In one of the two living rooms in the house can be seen, among other things, a PH ‘cone’ over the dining table. Photo: PR

the Furniture in the house in Jutland showed pictures from a mæglerannonce, as the 62-year-old tried to sell the house in the second half of 2019.

in Addition to an extremely stylish and expensive interior, the house had also undergone a major exterior transformation in the 62-year-olds ejertid with several outbuildings, showed aerial photos. In mæglerannoncen the house was also described as ‘fully renovated’.

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the House was never sold. The accused took away namely the property from the market on the same day as the public accounts committee held a press conference about possible fraud in the defense department Ejendomsstyrelse.

The accused is the owner, therefore, is now the house in east Jutland, as well as half of the new house in Nsw.

the Cost for the two properties, however, has not kept the accused and his / her partner back, when it came to spending money on the new house, which they took over in February 2019.

the business news – 9. jan. 2020 – pm. 06:49 Svindelsigtet blow-off the house

In the new house are there for the couple’s takeover has been installed a new kitchen, there on the near the tabletop, apparently, is similar to the kitchen, which was installed in the house in east Jutland.

There is also been established a kind of conservatory, ports in garagebygningen have been replaced with large windows, just as, according to Ekstra information has been configured electrical solgardiner as well as a ventilation system on the ceiling.

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Here is the house today after the conversion, where it appears that the covered area is now incorporated in the house. Photo: Claus Bonnerup

According to a source who has been close to the rebuilding of the house, there is work done on the house by at least four companies – all four are according to an access from the uk continental shelf companies, the accused has hired to work for the Defense.

Elfirmaet Søndergaard El has previously confirmed to have carried out work on the site, but everything is according to the director of the company occurred after the book. The remaining companies have declined to comment on the case or is not returned at the Ekstra comments.

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in Addition to the four håndværksfirmaer, is also Kitchens in Holstebro interesting because of the defendants the said procurement through the elfirmaet.

It is unknown where the kitchens are ended, but a source with knowledge of the rebuilding of the house in Nsw tells that in the house has been a køkkenmontør from Kitchens present to adjust some things.

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Above the kitchen table hanging three PH-lamps in red. They are apparently similar to the PH-lamps, of which the addressee has purchased through elfirmaet on orders from the Defense.

In may 2015 will be invoiced thus a total of four ‘PH 3½-3 Pen 100w E27 red’, on an order to the Defense, shows the order data from the elfirmaet.

According to data billed the lights of an order from the Defense, which among other things covers the ‘Purchase order – the movement of the lighting’. On the same purchase order is among the also work with the title ‘Fousingvej, barley. 13 – connect the 5 ports per offer ‘.

Neither the accused or Kitchens in Holstebro have wanted to participate in an interview.