An error has entailed that Denmark has for years underestimated the scope of the Danish agricultural emissions of greenhouse gases. It has Danish minister Mogens Jensen known since 29. august, but have withheld the information.

The typing of the Althing, which has come in possession of several internal mailkorrespondancer.

the News has created resentment among the rapporteurs in both the blue and the red camp.

– the Government owes an explanation on why they choose to first inform the us in november, when several months have known, that this knowledge can have quite far-reaching consequences for our work with the climate,” says Zenia Stampe (RV) according to the Althing.

She gets the support of the Conservative Mette Abildgaard, who think that Mogens Jensen ‘has failed in its responsibility to Parliament’ and call it a ‘significant errors’. Rapporteurs from the Device list and the Left backs also up on the Tamped opinion.

the Environment and Food explains the decision on the detention of the information that they waited for the latest statement from Aarhus University. It is the department that decides when the Parliament should be informed.

“In this case, it was the departmental assessment, that it would first be appropriate to inform the Parliament, when several pieces were in place. The com the 6. december with the AU’s last statement, according to which the Parliament was informed,”

“It means, of course, that the ministry wanted to conceal numbers or information about lavbundsarealet. And Aarhus University, which has responsibility for the mistake, even went out with the news of the raised lavbundsareal 21. november, writes the ministry in a written reply to the Althing.