12 people came according to the authorities, to the detriment, as the demonstrators on Wednesday night clashed with police outside the Nou Camp football stadium in Barcelona, writes the news agency AFP.

the Inside of the track played Barcelona a 0-0 draw against long-time rival Real Madrid for the first time in 17 years.

But outside – in the vicinity of the stadium – the police intervened against masked protesters who had set fire to garbage cans to barricade the road, after the police had come strong in numbers up.

Many of the protesters wore Catalan separatistflag, and during the confrontation was therefore to damage.

the Match between Barcelona and Real Madrid was actually scheduled for 26. October, but was then cancelled due to extensive civil unrest in Barcelona.

the Unrest, and the protests began, when nine separatistledere from Catalonia were sentenced to prison by the Spanish supreme court.

Before Wednesday’s football game blocked hundreds of protesters from the group of the Democratic Tsunami, who are fighting for Catalan independence, the traffic.

for fear Of unrest was 3000 security personnel deployed for the match at the Nou Camp, and both teams were instructed to meet up at the same hotel eight hours before kick-off. From here they were trucked to the stadium together.

Photo: Pau Barrena/Ritzau Scanpix

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