– This is a story of total failure – and we’ll show you the inside of a failing system.

How to start editor-in-chief Poul Madsen Extra the Magazine’s first mini-documentary on the immigrants and their descendants, who stand outside the labour market.

It is namely the group, the job centers have a particularly difficult to help.

Özlem Cekic – 11. dec. 2019 – at. 10:21 13 billion. kr. for the pure job-gak-gak

the Waves are sometimes gone high during the filming. Here discuss Poul and Özlem loudly, whether it is worth it to try to help the protagonist back to the job they gave him – and, as he progressed from after just three hours. Video reportage: Gorilla Media

NyDanmark – 11. dec. 2019 – at. 07:05 Job cost 13 billion – but no one knows the effect

Poul Madsen and bridge Özlem Cekic follows in the first mini-documentary, a traumatized refugee – he is unemployed and lives in a container. For months it does not succeed in his job centre to find him a job.

See how it goes, when Poul Madsen and Özlem Cekic is trying to help him in the work and how it all takes a tragic turn.

Aya has been fighting for several years to get a job. She has otherwise done what the politicians recommend: education and tried everything to enter the labour market. Video reportage: Gorilla Media

Tell your story

Have you been in contact with a jobcentre or work there? So will the Extra Magazine would like to hear your story.

What matters from job centres, should Extra Leaf throw themselves and what is right and wrong in the debate about the 13 billion dollars, annually to be used to obtain available in the work?

Share your thoughts and your knowledge in an e-mail to heine@eb.dk – discretion is given, if this is desired.

Welcome to the Extra Magazine Special

Extra Magazine Special is a quality stamp. It is a new brand for our very best and most thorough journalism. I think you should read.

In this Special series we focus on how immigrants continue to struggle to get a place in the labour market – and on what we will get for the 13 billion dollars, to be used each year at job centres to provide all danes work.

Poul Madsen, executive editor-in-chief