Forretningskvinden Mia Wagner, who is known from the ‘Lion’s den’ on the DR, is no longer together with her boyfriend, Anders, who she has been dating with for four years.

It confirms she is to Ekstra Bladet.

The 41-year-old managing director of Freeway-the group reports that the pair agreed to go their separate ways in the course of the autumn of this year.

Mia Wagner informs to the Extra Magazine, that she does not have additional comments on the breakup, but refers to an article from the, where she tells more about the divorce.

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– I think you should take care to point to a single cause, that things do not go as hoped. No man is an island. It is a complicated jigsaw puzzle to create a good bonusfamilie, just like so many others we have had to realize that it was too difficult, she says to the media about the breach, and stresses that she, of course, is affected by the situation:

– of Course it is a disappointment when one discovers that love can’t keep, but I enjoy very much to be alone with my beautiful daughters. It is nice to be able to have full focus on them. In my børnefri weekends, I enjoy the peace to read books. As the director of the Plusbog I’m so lucky that I continually receive new and exciting titles, which are just waiting to I get home to my easy chair and a good cup of tea.

Mia Wagner along with the other lions. Photo: DR

Mia Wagner is temporarily moved home to her parents, who live in a large house in the outskirts of Viborg, where also there is space for Wagner and her daughters.

Before they lived together in a house in Viborg with Mia Wagner’s daughters and Donald’s children from a previous relationship.

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