Wednesday: Get anførerbindet in the Arsenal

Friday: Smashing the car to the 2.3 million

Saturday: Loses clearly to the Leicester

One of the world’s fastest footballers have had a week with speed, but it’s most gone the wrong way.

Friday sat Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, as mentioned in its potent sølvfunklende Lamborghini on the way home from training, when it went wrong.

A witness tells, however, to The Sun, that it is not exactly a højhastighedsulykke, which took place on the highway at Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

It was rush hour so the cars drove not fast, it sounded.

No one has come to harm, but the media could show a frustrated Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stand by the side of the ramponerede luxury car.

on Wednesday, he was appointed as the new Arsenal captain in place of the reviled Granit Xhaka, which created some debate.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been involved in cases where there has been questioned by his choice, as f.ex. when he went to war with the Dortmund-management about Arsenal-switch. He was brought to London for just under half a billion at the apartment.

at the same time, from the Arsenal fans concern about his kontraktsituation, where the agreement expires in 2021.

Hurtigløberen from Gabon was also not a good start as captain of The Gunners, for they lost 2-0 to Kasper Schmeichels Leicester, which is now number two in the Premier League.

Arsenal deadlines, conversely, existence as a number six.

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