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the Gloves must again Ditlev ‘D-Struction’ Rossing, who must try to hold on to his streak of victories to 14. time as a professional.

The unbeaten dane must contend for the WORLD cup-boksegalla in Frederiksberg Hallen 1. February, and your opponent will be the relatively unknown, but not on friendly appearance of the 35-year-old ukrainer Sviatoslav Svyryd.

And it is hard to know, one must expect of the Ukrainian opponent, who seems to be a bit of a loose cannon.

He has never been stopped before time, but have in midttrediverne still only bokset eight professional fights. Five of the matches have been won, four of them by knockout, and Svyryd has previously been shown teeth by beating the unbeaten German-afghan Shokran Parwani out in the fourth round of their showdown in 2017.

to reinforce the impression of uforudselighed is that the victory, however, is not included in his kampstatistik. Svyryd was after the showdown-taken by dopingkontrollen with some not quite legal substances in the body. Rossing is not intimidated, and feel confident that Svyryd comes to for the first time to experience how it feels to be knocked out in the Frederiksberg-Hallen.

– He seems to be a quite good opponent, who is physically strong, and he is definitely coming to win and really create a good match. I look forward to awarding him the first after his boxing career ended.

With Sviatoslav Svyryd know not really what you get. The boxer from the eastern Ukraine have no special gloværdig professional career behind her, but the 35-year-olds, however, may proved to be a nice opponent. Photo: PR Photo

the Belief is that, in spite of the fact that D-Struction Rossing has had some problems with his venstrehånd, which last year was under the knife.

Only recently have the doctors said that the former Danish royal, Danish and nordic champion must take it into use again. The absence of the left hand has, however, only strengthened bokserens confidence højrenæven.

– Now I have gone and not been able to do anything else than to strike with the wear blue include six in a long period of time, so I have to almost be able to go in and deliver the goods with in my upcoming battle. It will be a hell of a fight, and it will be good to get back after my last fight, which was a little messy. I’m really looking forward to returning to the ring again and get a knockoutsejr.

Rossing has had the offer of WORLD cup matches in the year at hand, but has refused in order to keep the focus on getting the left fist back at full throttle. It must therefore start with a victory over the physically strong Sviatoslav Svyryd. In order to achieve the objectives Rossing among other things, flown in the u.s. sværvægtsbokser Sherman Williams as a trainer and sparring partner.

Rossing against Svyryd is one of eight matches on the program the 1. February, where the Extra Leaf will be present.

See the English Fight Night 1. February with Sarah Mahfouds VM-bang and seven other profkampe. Buy access right here.

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