Christian Eriksen stole the headlines across Europe when he in the summer came out, that Tottenham no longer was big enough for him.

– I feel that I have a place in his career where I might want to try something new.

– There are not many points that Tottenham can’t meet. If I need to get away, so it should hopefully be a step up, said Christian Eriksen to Extra Magazine in June.

Asked whether Real Madrid was a step up, so that was the message clear from the dane.

– It is a step up. But it does require that Real Madrid are calling for Tottenham and says that they will have Christian. And they have not done so yet, as far as I know, said Eriksen then

With so cash a statement from the Danish star is it possible that he at that time had been a hint of interest from the Spanish capital.

As we know, Eriksen, however, still a Tottenham player when the transfer window closed in, and the dane now needs to play in Serie A rather than La Liga.

the Madrid newspaper Marca has usually very good sources in Real Madrid, and they now explains, why it never came to anything with Eriksen and the Spanish kongeklub.

the Newspaper says that eriksen’s lawyers and representatives from Real Madrid was reaching an agreement – even before playmakeren had announced his ambitions for a change out.

So it was clear to the spaniards, to Tottenham-boss Daniel Levy would be very heavy to dance with. They mention that the London club at the time should have been immensely great demands, and even in the summer, they should have demanded 100 million euros, equivalent to 747 million.

The price seems oceans from the 150 million kroner, which Inter should have bought the dane for in this transfervindue.

It should also have been the kind of discount that Real Madrid bosses would be waiting for, but when the time came, chose hovedstadsklubben yet to be away.

With Zinedine Zidane back in trænersædet was an interest in Eriksen, however, cooled such an extent, that the legendary frenchman completely vetoed a danskerskifte.

the Club’s first priority was Paul Pogba, as you know, also not is come to kongeklubben. The possibility to assign a midfielder from Champions League semien between Ajax and Tottenham were again attractive. Eriksen could pull out victorious out of the purge, but now would the spaniards rather have Dutch Donny Van de Beek, which, with its versatility was more attractive than eriksen’s eye for the game.

Although the hope of Real Madrid became less and less, so would the dane have been waiting for new signals from the Spanish capital, as he spoke of his days as a Tottenham player.

When the counter reached zero days, he could instead allow themselves to shelf as a new Inter player.

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Italian football – 28. jan. 2020 – pm. 14:00 Official: Christian Eriksen enters for the Inter